Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Soccer Mom

This is my rant - I have contemplated posting this for a couple weeks and decided I just need to vent.  It probably won't interest most of you but it's my blog and I need to post it.

Chatty plays club soccer (yes I know plenty of people out there think she is too young to start in a club league - but she loves it and would play everyday if we let her and she has learned so much).  Chatty adores her team and coach, we love the other families on the team - we have a great group of parents.  I am the team accountant for her team.  Needless to say I put in my fair share of time doing stuff for the team and making sure coaches get paid, etc. 

Our league says we are developmental at this age group, however players have been slotted into positions and don't rotate much, if at all.  In addition the substitution during games is not very fluid.  Mr. ESPN and I vowed we would never be those parents who complained about the coaching.  Well something happened and Mr. ESPN got so frustrated (which is a fairly rare occurrence) he sent an e-mail to the coach asking about her coaching philosophy and why positions and players aren't rotated.  He also discussed it with her over the telephone.  The coach had several reasons none of which Mr. ESPN or I agreed with (i.e. some parents only want their kids playing certain positions).  I want my child to develop and learn all aspects of the game as I firmly believe this will help her (as well as the other players on the team).  Yes I am competitive and yes I want to win and so does my child.  But I want my child to learn all aspects of the game and positions, develop her skills and have fun.  Is that too much to ask?  How do I accomplish this - anyone, anyone, Bueller??? 

Being a parent is hard work and this is piddly stuff compared to what some of you are dealing with.   


Dee Stephens said...

Not sure on this one. Some people are just set in their ways.
I know my cousins have struggled with coaches over the years when their kids were playing sports.
It might be piddly but it's what you're dealing with so put it out there!

Sara said...

I think it's a valid complaint. Especially at this age. I'm with you.....all the kids need to try out different positions to see what they're best in. That's how you progress and get better. I don't blame Mr. ESPN for stepping up. I know Trey would have!!!

Sounds like you need a coach who's willing to stand up to other parents.

The Lenzers said...

I agree, this is the age for them to learn it all. You might discover someone is better at a different position. Is there someone over the league you could talk to?

Heather said...

I totally agree with you about rotating through the positions. Unfortunately once you get involved in these organizations people get a little crazy. You don't want your outspokenness to effect your daughter ( it stinks that it ,would, but unfortunately we know it can). I think you are doing things the right way ( sounds like the coach is intimidated by some of the other parents), but in the end the coach will do what the coach will do.

Just make sure she doesn't end up on that coache's team again.

Student Mommy said...

Doh! What numbknuckle doesn't understand that at the 'developmental' stage you're supposed to .... I don't know... develop their game?
Maybe even give them the opportunity to try all the positions in order to see which one suits them the most?
Surely winning is NOT the primary goal for the developmental age??

Merry Mack said...

I know nothing about this arena. Nothing. I am glad you got your vent out. Here's the thing, I agree with the need to play and understand all the positions. Especially at this age. She will be a better player in the long run for it and so will the other girls. It's the little things. I hear ya, momma. This mom stuff is really hard.

Sharree said...
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AZCottrell said...

Cindy - at this age they absolutely should be rotating positions. I'm sending you a separate email.