Friday, January 13, 2012

Why I am HAPPY

Since my last post was a rant I thought I would do the opposite here.  I am going to tell you why I am happy today .....
  • It's Friday ... enough said!  Plus I have a half day and am working from home (shhh .. don't tell anyone).
  • Soccer resolution - Mr. ESPN spoke with the Director of Coaching and then there was a big team meeting with parents and coach and Director.  Lucky for me I have a 4 year old so I couldn't attend.  But the results were good and other parents stood up and a consensus was achieved.  Thank goodness in small miracles!!
  • We are heading to Tucson today for a soccer tournament ... girls are excited (Bia told Mr. ESPN she loves Tucson more than Disneyland because last time we went with our good friends the Cottrells) ... wish Mr. ESPN and I could sneak off and see our Alma mater play tomorrow but of course the scheduling people scheduled the ZONA game the same time as Chatty's soccer game.  What were they thinking ... do you think Chatty would notice if we missed 1 game????
  • Bia climbed into bed with me to cuddle this morning ... love that kid!
  • Words with Friends ... I am addicted!  Plus I love beating Mr. ESPN at it!  So funny I have a game with my aunt, my Mam-ma, a couple with Mr. ESPN and some friends. 
  • I nagged Mr. ESPN enough about running a full marathon that he had a stress test done in November and they found something.  They are going to rescan in 6 months but for now he can't run at all per doctor's orders.  Needless to say I am so HAPPY I nagged him enough mention it to our family doctor and that our family doctor was proactive enough to order the stress test (see nagging can be good!!).  I am truly blessed.
  Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Dee Stephens said...

Sounds like great stuff!

starnes family said...

Someone told me I would like Words with Friends. But, I'm not smart enough to find it.

Oh, the irony.

MCW said...

I want to play words with friends! However, I have a blackberry.

I started reading Cutting for Stone about a year ago and couldn't get into it. Should I pick it back up?

The Soladay Family said...

My husnband is a freaking genious on Words With Friends. I just gave up and quit.

Thank goodness for stress tests. Good for you for nagging!

The Lenzers said...

heard you and M are playing a lot! glad you are happy, but blogs are for bithcing right?