Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My 31 Party

I mentioned a few posts ago that my future SIL is a My 31 consultant.  She asked if I would host a party.  So I have debated how to handle this ... I have several friends who live in town who I would normally invite to something like this, however some of them live on the other side of town and trying to coordinate schedules can be a pain (with kids and husbands and all that stuff).  So I thought I would host a web party and post the link to the party on my blog.  I figured this would be the easiest way to publicize it to my friends without making anyone feel obligated to purchase anything.  After today's post I will go back the the commentary of my slightly boring sometimes crazy life and I do have an interesting story for my next post so stay tuned ... it includes missing teeth and a broken toe!    

So if you are interested in my party you can click here.  From this link you can browse the catalogs and shop online.  If you choose to purchase something you can do so from the shop now button.  Personally I think they have really cute stuff and we all know I have good taste (LOL)!  If you live outside of the desert you can have your purchases shipped directly to you.  If you live in the desert you can have it shipped to me (it will be a little cheaper I believe) and I will personally deliver it to you (great excuse to meet up for girls' night out).  As a little bonus, if you place an order I will put you in a drawing for a prize (a surprise My 31 product).  Feel free to leave me a comment or e-mail me directly if you have any questions!

*The party will close on June 27, 2010 so all orders must be placed by this date*


The Lenzers said...

cant wait to hear the story. will have to check out my 31

Sara said...

How fun!