Friday, June 11, 2010

Updated Things To Do

Things I have been meaning to do accomplished this week:

1. Blog something noteworthy or at least a little interesting and funny - which I haven't and probably will not anytime soon - Didn't happen - oh well!

2. Take a picture of the girls new bobs and post a picture - maybe I will get to it this weekend - I did take a picture but haven't posted it yet ..

3. Figure out how to make Chatty's bed head look normal each morning with her new haircut - This will take a miracle from God or a really good hair product which I have yet to purchase

4. Convince Bia she does need a barrette or pony tail in her hair each morning - Lost cause - Miss Independent has to do everything HER way (gee I wonder where she got that from?)

5. Buy a birthday present for our buddy SMC - Will be taking care of this at lunch today

6. Get a pedicure - After work today

7. Clean my house (acutally I would love to have a cleaning fairy show up and shake her wand and it all be clean) - The cleaning fairy still hasn't shown up - what's up with that

8. Quit grabbing handfuls of cheeseballs from the container in my pantry and snacking on them. Darn Mr. ESPN and Chatty who insisted on getting them from Costco! I successfully managed to eat several pounds of cheeseballs this week-it wasn't pretty. My goal now is to just eat them all so they will be gone - not the best idea I have ever come up with but I am I going to do?

 9. Start reading the book for Casey's book club - I did buy it so at least I am heading in the right direction. Started the book yesterday and love it so far. So as of today I am in the middle of reading three books - The Help, The Ocean Between Us and Crazy Love ...

10. I am sure there are a ton of other things I could list but just can't think of and I know if you asked Mr. ESPN he could tell you several things I haven't done this week and should have ... oh well ... such is life ... I better get going so I can get some of these things off my list!

11. And one more thing to add I finally got my new job with our corporate tax group. Over two months of waiting but finally got the call yesterday.

Have a good weekend - hope you all are able to knock some stuff off of your to do list! Next week we are blasting off for our Galatic Blast Vacation Bible School. Yes I am teaching VBS again this year. At least this year we got 1st graders some of which I teach for Sunday school. Much better than the catty 4th grade girls from last year!


Dee Stephens said...

YAY! on the job! That's awesome! Congrats! Can't wait to see the girl's haircuts!

Sara said...

Woo-hoo!!! Congrats on the job! Great news.

Jealous about the pedicure. I need one so bad. I should be getting one right now, but Hubby had to go over to a buddy's house to watch the World Cup. ugh. Soccer has to be the most boring sport to watch ever.

The Lenzers said...

yeah for the job!!!! congrats cous. so wish we were in CA again to celebrate! I am the same way with the cheeseballs or whatever else, eat the shit and get rid of it!! not the smartest i know

FROGGITY! said...

as for the product and bob, i use a kiddie mousse for LL's hair to make it manageable (otherwise unruly)... i actually need to get her hair cut this week, it's not so bob-alicious anymore...can't wait to see your gals!


AZCottrell said...

Congrats on the job again!
We use spray detangler on Ainsley's hair each morning. It works well to refresh it and to get ride of the bed head.