Friday, June 25, 2010

This week ...
  1. Yesterday it was 109 (but it's a dry heat - seriously little to no humidity!).  I had to take Chatty to soccer skills class and when I got up from my seat it looked like I peed in my pants because my khaki shorts were wet.  Note to self - next time wear black.  BTW - she was wearing sunscreen and drank tons of water and Gatorade.
  2. I spent an hour cleaning my bathroom last night (just my bathroom) - I cleaned places in there that I don't think have ever been cleaned in the 6 years we have lived there.  Then I cleaned the rest of my house.  This afternoon I am pulling out the carpet cleaner.  Those who know me would have been shocked by how dirty my house has gotten the last couple weeks ...but by this afternoon it will all be back to normal - just in time for my kids to mess it up this weekend!
  3. After too many evenings fighting with Chatty while we practice reading, I decided to hire a tutor.  She is a 3rd grade teacher who works at Chatty's school.  She is starting next Tuesday.  When I told Chatty she said "Oh no that is going to be so boring!"
  4. I am going to hurt someone at Bia's daycare if they keep giving her markers, paint, etc. that isn't washable.  Either that or I am going to send them a bill for all the clothes that get ruined when she is there.  I swear my kids stain more clothes than most.
  5. I start my new job in 3 weeks.  Good news I get to sit right by my buddy.  Bad news my commute will be doubled and I will be trying to get up earlier to avoid traffic (and I am not a morning person - where do you think Bia gets it from?).
  6. We had another Frankenstein encounter this morning ... aka Bia's Bed Head!
  7. Bia started looking at books in bed this week.  Did I mention this happens after we put her to bed and the lights are off?  No she doesn't have a flashlight and can't see the pages.  Strange?  
  8. I thought of a couple sewing projects I want to work on ... I hope the actual end result looks as good as it does in my head!
  9. New rule at my house - If mom finds it you lose it - i.e. it gets donated.  This is for all of the toys my children "forget" to put away even though Mr. ESPN and I have asked them numerous times
  10. Chatty wore the same outfit twice this week to Boys and Girls Club.  It was washed in between but still ...we had a little talk about not repeating within one week.  Heck when I was in high school I kept track on my calendar at home so I wouldn't repeat with in two weeks.  I am guessing Chatty probably won't be that anal!
Have a good weekend!


Dee Stephens said...

You ARE super MOM :) Have a good weekend!

starnes family said...

I love the donation idea!

109? Stop.

Washable paints and markers are a given, people!

Sara said...

Casey just had a heart attack over the 109. that desert!! :)

I'm cracking up over the clothing repeat. I used to make sure I didn't wear the same thing within a week either....thought I wasn't so anal to write it on a calendar. haha

My parents did the donation thing to us when we were kids. It worked immediately. Well...Austin got a few extra chances. So unfair.

The Lenzers said...

come clean my house. dang it's HOT!!! here too but humid, yuck!

Sassafrass Jane said...

LOVE #9!!! I feel like I ask 345980 times and I always end up doing it because I hate mess.
Double time on commute? Bummer! Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Coco said...

Love this.

I too, cleaned our master bathroom on Saturday morning. I busted out an old toothbrush and went to scrubbing. Too bad we don't live closer, then we cold start a cleaning business. We would be famous for our mad cleaning skills.

The donation thing is going to start at the Coco house. Seriously. Fabulous idea.