Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Going to be a Long Year

First grade is tough on the parents (yes I know I said this in Kindergarten).  20 minutes of reading a night, spelling words and other small amounts of homework are doing me in (Mr. ESPN too!).  I hope we all make it through this year in one piece.  It wouldn't be so bad if Chatty wasn't so stubborn - yeah what can I say - so much like her mama!  That and she doesn't like to be wrong or not good at something - once again a mini-me.  Isn't it frustrating to see yourself in your child???  Oh my word!  To make matters worse we have soccer practice starting tomorrow night and I am the official Team Accountant.  Not only that I offered to be part of the Room Mom Committee (three of us are sharing the duties) for Chatty's class and teach Sunday school every other week- what am I doing?  I have become the yes woman!  Stop me somebody!  Dee blogged about this not too long ago.  Yep apparently I am the same way! 

OK I think I need a glass of wine and then I am going to bed!  All of this volunteering is making me tired! 
Wouldn't you over-volunteer for these cute faces??? 
I blame them - it's all their fault!

Cool reflection in my dirty window behind them

Majority of the pictures were like these last two ...


The Lenzers said...

who can deny those cute girls?? you are doing great, but slow down woman!!

Dee Stephens said...

We are OVERACHIEVERS!! Stop us now!! LOL! We should start a support group ;-)
Hang in there..
I guess it wouldn't be too bad to do all this volunteer work but having a fulltime job on top of it is a LOT! Don't you think?

Sara said...

I think most women have this problem. I know I do!

Those girls are just precious. Love those sweet smiles!

starnes family said...

Absolutely their faults!

Glad you're involved. Just keep a good balance!