Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Conversations with Chatty and Bia

  • Chatty: "I want to go to Disneyland"
  • Me: "Disneyworld is so much better, if you and Bia behave we are going to go there next year."
  • Chatty: "Cool, I want to go to Sea World too.  I have never been there."
  • Mr. ESPN: "Yes you have, you went with Mommy, Nana, Aunt Susan, Aunt Mary Jo, Cousin Jack and Chenera when you were almost 2."
  • Chatty: "Cool Bia - I have been to Sea World"
  • Bia: "Yeah that is cool"
  • Me: "You have been to Disneyworld too.  We went when you were 2 1/2."
  • Mr. ESPN: "Bia was in Mommy's belly when we went to Disneyworld."
  • Bia: "Mommy - you eat me and swallowed me so I was in your belly?"
  • Me: "Mmmm ... no not quite."
  • Chatty: "How did Bia get in your belly?"
  • Me: "Mmmm ... God - God and Daddy put Bia in my belly."
  • Chatty: "How did she get out of your belly?"
  • Me: "Mmmm ... God - yep God got her out.  I'll explain more when you turn 13."
  • Chatty: "OK - I am going to have 10 kids when I grow up."
  • Mr. ESPN (to me): "She says that now but just wait until she finds out how they come out.  Once Chatty knows the "exit strategy", I am not sure she will be having 10 kids!"


Dee Stephens said...

This made me laugh. Exit very Bradster

AZCottrell said...

Love it!

Brooke said...

Buahahahaha!! I loved this conversation the first time I head about it, and it's still hilarious "You eat me and I was in your belly?" :)

The Lenzers said...

laughing my ass off....teach her the exit strategy early!!!

Sara said...

This is pure greatness!! Love it.

starnes family said...

So cute. I love your girls!!!!!