Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Everything I Need to Know I Learned In First Grade

Last Friday Chatty got off the bus wearing this:
Note - she said I cut off her pee-pee thing in this picture!

A close up of her insides

It is amazing to me the things they are learning in first grade.  They are learning all about the body - bones, muscles, etc.  I don't think we learned about this stuff until junior high.  Pretty good for a state that "supposedly" ranks close to last in education.

A picture of the newest missing tooth .. bottom right ..

We thought it was going to be a low key weekend, but I got a call on Friday afternoon asking if Chatty wanted to play "up" with the older girls on Saturday (they needed a sub).  Chatty played great and held her own with the older girls.  She is a bit klutzy at times - she fell over the ball and/or her own feet at least two or three times!

After an extremely HOT game (100 degrees) we stopped by our favorite pizza place too COOL off and eat!


starnes family said...

Chatty sure runs like she knows what she's doing! Love the missing tooth!

AZCottrell said...

So great! I agree, it baffles me the things Shaun comes home with. He is studying Ancient Mesopotamia, and last night as we were saying prayers explained to me who they had many gods, one for sun, one for rain, one for.....and that now - we just have one God for all those things. Ancient Mesopotamia! Really!?

Dee Stephens said...

cute pictures of her teeth! yay for her playing with the big girls!

The Lenzers said...

You Rock LA!!!

Merry Mack said...

Chatty is learning a lot and she sure looks cute in her body get up. I am so glad the tooth fairy got to visit her and she is excelling in soccer. Way to go!

FROGGITY! said...

cut off her pee pee thing. lol!

she's growing up fast!! missing teeth and soccer. love it!

Sara said...

Holy cow - they're learning that stuff already???

I agree with Case - she sure looks like a true athlete! Go Chatty!!