Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mini-Family Reunion aka Girls Weekend

So my mom's family has a family reunion every June in Mississippi where most of them live. My Granny is 1 of 11 kids and only has one sister (Granny 2). Our families have always been close - my mom and her cousin and now her cousin's daughter (J) and me. I haven't seen J in 5 years I think - in that time we have each had 2 kids and now she is prego with her third ... it's crazy how fast time slips away. Anyway she sent me an e-mail last weekend asking if I wanted to meet her in San Diego for a girls trip as she has a resort package that is going to expire (as in free hotel). Of course I wanted to meet her. It was perfect timing for me as I just finished my Masters degree and needed to celebrate. It also helped solve Mr. ESPN's gift giving dilemma (he has the hardest time coming up with gift ideas for me) as I told him this trip could be considered my gift from him. Plus I got a cheap flight and even better my in laws will be in town to provide backup support to Mr. ESPN. Don't worry I am not missing my in laws entire visit - MIL is here for 2 weeks and FIL is here for 1 week - I will only be gone 3 (glorious) nights.

So as J and I were discussing our flights, etc. we realized our trip is the same weekend as our family reunion in Memphis ... so we decided it is our mini-family reunion and that we should try and do it annually. Sounds good to me!


The Lenzers said...

WOW that J sounds like a GREAT cousin!!! Have fun and you should make it an annual event-great idea!

Donatelli98 said...

J is the most fabulous cousin ever!!! It's a shame I don't see her more often, as she is my favorite family member on Granny's side (well at least from my generation)!