Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recovery and Grandparents

Neighborhood party big success - got to hold sweet Baby B who is 9 weeks old - so cute and sweet and drink with my favorite neighbors.

So Chatty Cathy is on the mend - yeah .. although is it bad that I enjoyed the few quiet days around our house where she was too sick to talk much?? Anyway - MIL and FIL came to town today from Philly - actually Allentown (think Billy Joel - I get that comment every time I tell someone we are going there - Luckily I like Billy Joel and the song)! Went to lunch after grandparents got in and Bia proceeded to continue her terrible 2 antics - somebody please pour me a drink or 4! I apologized to MIL and told her this is WHY we do not go out to eat. Luckily for me she thinks her granddaughters are too cute and was OK with it. I totally scored bearing 2 girls to a woman with 3 sons - I so earned major brownie points! Plus they are her only granddaughters!

Came home, made homemade salsa (thanks BMB we all love it - including all of my neighbors) and swam (and drank beer/wine) - wore them both out (gotta love the investment in a pool) ... tomorrow church and birthday party and then some pool time ... summer is here!

PS - did I tell you I am teaching Vacation Bible School in a couple weeks ... yikes! Only 5 days until girls weekend with my favorite cousin J in San Diego ... I feel the ocean calling me ... oh wait maybe that is Chatty Cathy crying - it is amazing how you can convince yourself you are hearing something you want to hear!


The Lenzers said...

OK first, my talking ocean sounds nothing like my boys, but I do tend to ignore them a lot...ha!! I certainly know what you mean about going out to eat, but we do frequent mcdonalds and chik-filet-does that count? Enjoy the visit with the mil and fil for a few days....see ya in 5!!!

starnes family said...

Sounds like a fun time! I heard a blogger comment somewhere a while ago asking if we all thought she was horrible b/c she enjoys the benefits of her daughter being sick - would never ask for her to be sick - but didn't mind the quieter time! I love when we can be honest about such things. Parenting is hard!

BMB-The Mom said...

Glad the salsa recipe is a hit! I was just thinking yesterday that I could use a good deal on tomatoes soon because our stock of canned salsa is almost gone! I sure wish we lived closer to get in on some of that summertime fun you guys are having! :(

Deelsu said...

love San Diego! I leave for Tahoe/Napa is just under 2 weeks! YAY!