Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Biggest Loser or Not and Puppies

First off we are not getting a puppy!

So there is a small group of us hear at my work that are participating in a 12 week biggest loser contest. Each week we weigh in and whoever loses the least percentage of weight (or gains the most) has to pay $5 into the pot. At the end of the 12 week period whoever has lost the greatest total percentage of weight wins the pot - $60. Now mind you of the 5 people only two of us regularly exercise. Last week when I went to weigh in I had gained 1.2 pounds (darn holiday weekend and working from home) ... so guess who wasn't the biggest loser - yep that's right ME! I was a little annoyed because I have been working out quite a bit (yes I do enjoy adult beverages on the weekends and splurge some). After talking to everyone else, they had all over indulged on the holiday weekend as well. So how was I the only one who gained weight last week? I would have thought others would have gained as well .. but nope everyone else lost some except for me. So game on (I think my competitiveness is starting to kick in) ... I am not going to pay in this week! It is going to be hard though with the in laws in town and my trip with cousin J this weekend.

Kids love having their grandparents here ... swimming and playing all day. Last night we started watching Marley and Me and the kids were mesmerized. Bia loves puppies, well actually she loves to look at them. She points them out wherever we go or whenever she sees them on TV. She also sleeps with two puppies. However, when it comes to actually petting them she gets a little scared (note - at a party last week she was terrified of a Westie but is OK with our next door neighbors husky). She couldn't take her eyes off the TV last night - she loved Marley! We'll see how she does with my BFF's version of Marley in a couple weeks, and my aunt's 2 Newfies when we go to FL! Chatty Cathy was sitting next to Grandma during the movie and kept discussing puppies and how she wanted one ... luckily for me Grandma is not a big fan of dogs and explained all the reasons why we can't have one. I LOVE puppies and dogs as much as Bia does but I can't imagine adding that to my agenda right now (J I don't know how you do it!) - I think I have enough to keep me occupied. So for now we will play with and love on all our friends/family/neighbors dogs!


Deelsu said...

First off -- the weight thing. I struggle with the same thing I think what it boils down to is....exercising makes you hungry...and probably feel a little more confident.
I in the past few weeks have really..tried to make an effort myself to continue my exercise(and I workout 5x' a week)..and REALLY watch what I eat. No late nights, etc..

As for the dog -- I didn't like Marley in me because of the ending but I think at some point a dog is great for kids!
I have a beagle and they're wonderful with kids!

BMB-The Mom said...

Oh, come on! My little god daughters NEED a Marley! And besides, Toni could really use a new friend! But I would suggest adopting a 2 year old and skip that puppy crap although that's when they are the cutest! Also, I recommend getting a labradoodle that doesn't shed! Ack!

The Lenzers said...

oh come on....get a damn dog!!! all I do is stick them in the back yard and try to remember to feed them(actual dog food,not what they eat up off the floor underneath the kitchen table). See this is reminding me right now at 2pm that they need breakfast. This after I went to the gym and left them outside during the down pour. They are neglected slightly now that there are human babies in the house.

AZCottrell said...

S and A would love a dog too - maybe we should "share" one. ha ha I think BMB is right though - a non-shedding one.
My dad wants one, but my mom says no, they travel too much. I think it would be perfect because it would appease my kids and we could watch it when they travel. I'll have to work on grandma I guess.