Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Cousin J
Me .. not sure why I am posing ...
Showing off my killer deal on BL!

Cousin J .. gotta love her hair .. wish mine looked that good (see how flat mine is in the next picture - good thing I live where it is super dry and no humidity)!

The Cousins ... thanks Cous it was tons of fun!
There is a 5 inch differential in height between J and I, so we either had to sit to take our pictures or I had to bend down, otherwise I looked like a giant! My other side of the family has the tall genes -
lucky for me both sides have the talkative gene (which I have nicely passed on to Chatty Cathy)!


Deelsu said...

cute pics! so fun!

starnes family said...

I want to take a trip like this!

The Lenzers said...

did you have to show the fatest pictures?? love 'em anyway!!