Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Rest of the Week ...

Boy - was the end of the week ever busy ... VBS days 3 to 5, Dr. Appointment for Chatty Cathy (she has a herniated belly button), hair cuts (Chatty Cathy and me) and color (me - Chatty Cathy asked when she can get her hair colored and I told her when she can pay for it), dinner with my parents for Father's Day Friday night, Mr. ESPN golfing with our neighbor Saturday morning for Father's Day, gym for me and the girls, lunch at the course with all the kids (our neighbors and us - boy was that a sight - 5 kids running around the country club - we all agreed that is why we don't take our kids out!). As if that wasn't enough to keep us entertained we had my godson's 7th birthday Saturday evening. On the way over Mr. ESPN wanted to look at a car (we have been researching new cars for me). Needless to say after 3 hours at the dealer we ended up with a new car. Bia slept for the 1st hour in my old car and then they were fairly well behaved the next two hours. The ironic thing about buying it that day was we purchased the car I traded in on the day my godson was born! Mr. ESPN loves the car (M35) and I love it too but am always so nervous when we purchase any big ticket item. You would think since I have a degree in Finance and a Master's in Tax (and the fact that Mr. ESPN has a degree in accounting and finance) I would be OK with the all the financial stuff but I have the worst buyer's remorse! Anyways after all the excitement of the last few days we just laid low today. I took Chatty Cathy out to run some errands while Mr. ESPN watched the US Open and Bia napped. I think he had a nice Father's Day and is ending it with a Princess game (what a guy) with Chatty Cathy ... too cute!
Bia and Me at LOB's birthday party

Chatty Cathy and Me at LOB's Birthday party

Chatty Cathy enjoying LOB's birthday party

Chatty Cathy at VBS - the presentation for parents


starnes family said...

We've always bought new and just recently purchased a 1 year old Suburban. I was so nervous! Turned out just fine.

Lainey has a herniated belly button, too. Doctors think it will be fine....but time will tell!

The Lenzers said...

sounds busy!!! What's going on with belly button thing? Enjoy the new car!