Wednesday, June 17, 2009

VBS Day 2/3 and Bunco

So day 2 went ok - a little more of the same with the chatty girls and the same with day 3. Luckily I really like my co-teacher - she is awesome. Weird side note- she went to school with my BFF in Rochester, MN, small world! Yes BMB - we will discuss it this weekend (see if you can guess who it is???)! So Chatty Cathy loves VBS and all the praise songs. I must admit it brings back tons of memories for me from when I went to VBS as a kid. Chatty Cathy hums and sings them every afternoon and evening - it is such a delightful sound - I am glad she loves the Lord! I must admit it is renewing my relationship with the Lord as well!

I was talking to my co-teacher today about how tired we were and that I was in fact hosting Bunco tonight. She asked if it included wine - I said yes - as if there was any other way to host Bunco! Our group was small tonight - 2 no shows (rude I tell ya!) and one last minute cancellation due to work ... but it was fun with the small group. Good stories and wine! Mr. ESPN helped out a lot (getting stuff ready) and my fav UT (Tenn - go Big Orange) gal came early for an early glass of wine and a chat with my girls. She is one of my BFF's and loves my girls ( and my girls love her too - she is the best!).

Politics - so my VBS kids were discussing politics today and why McCain didn't win - some of the boys thought it had to do with him having a woman as a VP candidate .. mind you the boys in my class tend to be very sexist. I was having a hard time keeping my mouth shut as I am very vocal when it comes to politics and sexism!

Interesting conversation in the car today regarding politics - Chatty Cathy hears something on the radio about Obama. She says "I really like Obama". Well those of you who know me know I am extremely conservative and didn't vote for O so I was mortified by this statement. I tried to explain to Chatty how it is good to respect the president but that daddy and mommy didn't agree with his viewpoints (I didn't mention that her grandpa - my FIL - had an O sign in his yard during the election - we can't all be right can we???) but it was still important to respect our officials. It was hard but I tried to be PC. My good friend A (UT Gal) at Bunco laughed as I told her the story - she and her husband are very conservative and sometimes give me a hard time about being ultra conservative ... Also I got an Obama Agenda Survey from the RNC today (yes I am a proud member of the RNC). It was total propaganda for the RNC but I filled it out and am mailing it back because I think it is important to show that we don't all agree with the president's agenda. OK there I said it so we all know where I stand. I am a conservative Republican who supports the military (i.e. my brother) and minimal government!

SO Bon Jovi is on the tv now - You Can't Go Home - love this song - reminds me of my hometown of DAB, FL .... plus he is hot! No one better to sing about your hometown except maybe Rob Thomas (who I love and grew up in O town FL) or Kenny Chesney who is a good TN boy!


BMB-The Mom said...

Hmmm, who can it be? I remember you saying she had a son... Can you give me more clues? Was she in my class? How about an initial? Where does she work now? I'm stumped right now but thanks for giving me something to think about today! Ha! I just saw the empty keg go out the front door! :) T minus a couple hours before my peace and quiet is gone! *sigh*

Deelsu said...

WOW! you're on fire! Gotta love the Bunco comment about having wine. Sounds like someone in the church I grew up. Were they offended?
As for the little boys.. they get that from their dads.. guarantee it!
Missed ya!

starnes family said...

You're hilarious today!

Robin said...

Love your politics blog! How funny what Chatty Cathy said! I am in agreement with your comments and not so sure I'd be so PC to my child - good for you. Everyone (sometimes unfortuntely) should have their own opinion.