Thursday, June 25, 2009

Results and Some Things About Me ....

So the upper endoscopy went fine - no after effects other than being tired, so I can't complain. Dr. said it looked OK, I do have a hiatal hernia and changed my reflux meds and thinks that should help. He took a couple biopsies (standard procedure) and will have the results in a couple weeks. He is very thorough and even gives you color photos of your insides - nice huh? He is the same Dr. who did Mr. ESPN's colonoscopy and after that procedure offered to show me his pictures. There are just some things a wife shouldn't have to look at don't you agree??!! Mr. ESPN and I enjoyed a nice lunch at PF Changs and then I came home for a two hour nap ... it was lovely, hopefully I can sleep tonight. I hope those two Diet Dr. Pepper's I just drank don't keep me up!

So Dee tagged me to write 10 things you don't know about me ... which I think is a little hard since I tend to tell people everything but here I go .....

  1. I want to go to Nursing School (some of you know this already) - yes I have a Bachelor's in Business and Master's in Taxation and I want to go to Nursing school ... random but true (this is from the person who had a fear of hospitals as a kid)
  2. I always want the bed made everyday - some days I make it, but most days Mr. ESPN makes it.
  3. I want to move to Charlotte, NC - does anyone have a job for Mr. ESPN and me?
  4. When I was young I always wanted to go away to boarding school - must have been from watching Facts of Life so much
  5. I dream of having a beach house in the southeast (i.e. North FL, GA, SC or NC)
  6. I used to test out dessert recipes before making them for company. I would send my test results to Mr. ESPN's work and get their opinion - now they periodically ask him when I am sending something in.
  7. I don't care for hard alcohol but love wine
  8. I wash my hair every day (there are very few exceptions to this) and some days I wash it twice a day ... I know it is bad for my hair but I have to for my own sanity.
  9. I enjoy going to the grocery store (sans kids that is). I love having the cabinets and fridge stocked with new stuff.
  10. I have never broken a bone in my body ... yet!

Have a good weekend ... tomorrow night I have a girls party at my neighbor's ... there will be plenty of wine and a prize for the sexiest shoes (plus other goodies for sale - will fill you in next week) ... I will let you know if I win, I have some high peep toe heels that should be in the running for 1st!


Bri said...

you are a born blogger! girl i could read your stuff all day! guess it gets me through not being able to see you so much...miss you tons! xoxo

Deelsu said...

I don't care for hard alcohol either but am a TOTAL sucker for wine!
I wash my hair everyday too :)
and..I have broken 5 bones in my life..yikes

AZCottrell said...

Love it! There were actually several things I didn't know on there - believe it or not! Have fun tonight! (And don't come home empty handed, j/k). ;-)
Glad all went well with your procedure.
See you tomorrow girl!

starnes family said...

Found it!