Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Going to be Tough ...

All morning this Billy Joel song has been playing in my head ....

"Well, we’re living here in Allentown And they’re closing all the factories down Out in Bethlehem they’re killing time Filling out forms Standing in line Well, our fathers fought the second World War Spent their weekends on the Jersey shore Met our mothers in the USO Asked them to dance Danced with them slow ...."

I know the reason why is because my MIL is leaving to go home to Allentown tomorrow. Oh what a sad day for the girls and I must say me too. I have thoroughly enjoyed her visit this time and I told Chatty Cathy I will be as sad as she is when she leaves. No, we didn't always have the best relationship but since I have had kids we have gotten much closer and I feel truly lucky to have her in my life. Not to say we don't disagree on things, because we do, but all in all I feel very blessed to have her as a MIL. I don't think my in laws will be back in town until Thanksgiving which is a long time to go without seeing your grandparents. I was trying to convince my MIL and FIL to take me along on their Italian vacation in October but I don't think Mr. ESPN would appreciate me leaving him home with the kids!!! But oh it sure would be nice!

On a happier note at least we have some fun activities tomorrow to divert our sadness. Chatty Cathy's favorite Irish Boy (S) turned 5 yesterday and his pool party is tomorrow. Yeah! His parents are our close friends from college so it will be a fun family event (Note - must take pictures to post next week). Yes there have already been discussions of an arranged marriage amongst the parents. Mr. ESPN will be taking the girls to the party and I will join them later as I have to decorate my classroom for VBS which starts Monday. I am very nervous about teaching as I am by no means as educated about the Bible as I would like to be. I am hoping this opportunity will help me continue to grow in my own faith and as a result I will make it more of a priority in my life (does that make sense?). Anyway it will be a great learning experience. I received our class list and included were medical issues/allergies for each of the students. Next to one of my students it said "Many - will send separate list." Oh I can tell the Lord is already testing me!

Random thought of the week - my mom joined Facebook and sent me a friend request ... does that seem as weird to you as it does to me (J you will probably get one from her too)? I have several friends whose moms have joined ... but it is still weird to me. Not that I am not close to my mom, I am very close to her but I feel like that is my place ... you know what I mean? Anyway, I guess that is why I haven't told anyone in my family (with the exception of my fab cousin J) about my blog ... I figure my family already knows everything this is my little place for my friends and me where I can say anything.

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The Lenzers said...

Oh were to start? First of all, can i go on the Italy trip? I don't care so much if Mark minds-ha! You are very blessed to have such great in laws and they are even more blessed to have YOU!! Stay busy this weekend so the leave will be less noticable to the little ones (and you). I think that you will really enjoy VBS and learn whatever valuable lesson God has for you next week. Your faith may not be where you want it to be, I don't think anyone's ever is but yours is something that some people look up to (meaning me). So you are already leading such a wonderful example for your cous and your family!! Yeah, I already accepted your mom's friend on FB. It is kind of wierd. It should be a generational thing. My MIL and all of Mark's family is on it. None of mine really, but they are kind of PC-illiterate! You just have to watch what you say.