Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weigh In and Leaving on a Jet Plane!

First off - down 3.2 lbs at weigh in today. Not sure how much of that is water weight and the fact that I wore a light weight skirt to work today - but whatever it is I will take it. I have been good this week - no chocolate chip cookies, watching what I eat and running/weights ... but now comes the weekend!

This afternoon I am going here with my Cousin J (Dee she the cousin I was referring to). We are taking a shuttle from the San Diego airport to the resort and are not getting a rental car. I was telling Mr. ESPN I hope we are the only ones one the shuttle and maybe I can ask the driver to stop at a grocery store to get some water, Diet Coke and Wine ... you know the essentials for any girls trip! Cousin J is prego so maybe we can use that to our advantage! I even packed a wine opener in my carry on! Last night I told Chatty Cathy I was leaving and she told me she didn't want me to go - mostly because I told her I was going to San Diego and she thinks I am going to Legoland. I assured her I won't be going to Legoland and that yes indeed we are going as a family in late July. I also told her Mommy really needs these couple days away and that she has her Grandma, Grandpa and Daddy here to spoil her. She seemed OK with that but did ask me to cuddle with her in bed before she went to sleep - awww - melt my heart! I told her one of my most favorite things in the world is to cuddle with her and little Bia!

I have my camera so hopefully I will get some good pics of me and Cousin J. I can't even believe we haven't seen each other in over 5 1/2 years - that was 4 1/2 kids ago (2 for me 2 1/2 for her) ... too much time but I know we will pick up as if we saw each other last week!


Deelsu said...

Ahh!! Ya'll will have so much fun! The resort looks AWESOME!!
take tons of pictures! drink lots of wine -- except for 'J'.

starnes family said...

Oh, how fun! Congrats on the weight loss and enjoy your trip!