Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1 of VBS

So last night Mr. ESPN comes in (shortly after the phone rang) and told me I was on my own today at VBS. The other teacher for my class called and said one of her boys was sick and couldn't teach today. As soon as he told me, Mr. ESPN asked me if a wanted a glass (bottle) of wine! I thought oh no the Lord is really testing me now! So I get there this morning and lucky for me the Asst. Director gave me another high school volunteer to help out (so I had two high schoolers and a middle schooler as assistants - they are very sweet and super helpful). My class is comprised of kids going into 3rd and 4th grade - 2 boys and 12 girls! OK - I thought 8/9 year old girls were still young enough that VBS was cool and so were the activities, but oh no not my group (well most of them any way). I heard one of the girls ask another what the best part of the day was up to that point and she said "walking", as in walking from one activity to another. Geez - I should have taken Chatty Cathy's age group - at least they like to get up and sing and do the activities with some enthusiasm. During the opening assembly half of my girls wouldn't even sing the songs, at least the two boys sang! The other kicker almost all of the girls have long blond hair so I kept getting all of them confused and had to keep looking at their name tags. One girl didn't even want to come to class this morning and one said she didn't want to come back tomorrow - NICE!

At the end of today's VBS, the Children's Director and Asst. Director asked how my class was and I told them how unenthusiastic my "girls" were. The Asst. Director said it is because their moms all treat them like 20 year olds ... and then said can you imagine them as teenagers - LOL! At least now I know it isn't just me ....

Chatty Cathy had a great time at VBS and was humming the songs this afternoon. Her class name is the wolves (it is a camping theme - with each class a different animal group - my class is the mountain lions). Each class had to come up with a sound and Chatty Cathy's class came up with a howl. She taught Bia the howl and they were howling all night!!! Annoying but cute!


BMB-The Mom said...

Oh no! I sure hope those girls are a little more cooperative for you today! Tell the little howling wolves that I can't wait to see them this weekend!

Brooke said...

Aw, super cute!! I hope the rest of the week at VBS goes well.