Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Recap and Life with 1 Child

Friday night was fun - I tied for 1st for sexiest shoes and got some nice goodies at the party. It was nice spending Friday night with the neighbor ladies and red wine! Can I save I love the store Total Wine? If you don't have one and love wine or beer - you are missing out. Great selection and great prices. Our good Irish friends came over yesterday to swim ... all 4 of our kids (and so was I) were in a mood at some point during the evening, we (the wives) were ready to hit the first bar we could find. Even with the attitude issues with the kids, we had a nice time. L - we need to schedule a get together monthly - if we put it on our calendars we will be sure to get together, that's what B and I have to do!

Catty Cathy is at my parent's house tonight for a 2 night sleepover (as she calls it). They are taking her to see UP tomorrow and she is super excited. I am not sure if she is more excited about sleeping over without Bia or seeing the movie. She absolutely adores my parents and loves going to their house. Then on Wednesday my parents are taking Chatty Cathy to my BFF's house and she is spending 2 nights there. My BFF's has wanted to have her oldest goddaughter over for a sleepover for quite some time and we were finally able to work out all of the logistics (my BFF's lives on the other side of town - as in an hour away). Needless to say Chatty Cathy will be extremely spoiled this week and we may have to have some sort of intervention when she gets home and back to reality! She told everyone - and I seriously mean everyone - all the parents at church, the checkout lady at Target, you name it, that she was having multiple sleepovers this week. She hasn't quite grasped the concept that not everyone cares about everything going on her in life.

Better get to bed - so glad it is a short week!


Deelsu said...

YAY for sleepovers!
We have a Total Wine here in CLT and I was actually in there last night.
Yes, it rocks the casbah!

The Lenzers said...

No picture of the shoes?? And what do you mean not everyone cares about everything in the little ones lives?? Foreign concept huh?! So glad the test results were good. Hopefully the changed medicine will help.

BMB-The Mom said...

We have a few little boys excited for Chatty Cathy's sleepover too! We have lots of fun things planned! She's going to come home spoiled rotten! Yay! Oh ya, I'd like to see a picture of those sexy shoes!

starnes family said...

Just tagged you!