Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Recap

OK - to satisfy my family I started a separate blog to post pics and keep them updated. Now I won't feel bad keeping this one for me and my friends. I hope you all had a nice 4th. We had some neighbors over for a BBQ and swimming. Everyone had a great time and we all ate a ton. At the end of the evening we walked down the street to see fireworks and then came home and the kids let off poppers (unlike the south fireworks aren't legal here ... smart move since we live in a desert). Tomorrow it's back to the grind ...

The Dads in the pool - the kids insisted on having all of those pools toys/floats in the pool, not sure why there are no kids (except for baby B in her dad's arms) in the pool

The beverages

Mr. ESPN & Little Bia (yes those are tiny pigtails)

Mommy & Bia - Chatty Cathy was being a crab and wouldn't let me
take her picture in her 4th of July t-shirt
The Sisters

A sweet hug between my girls - this is in between all of the fighting and crying

Sweet Little Bia - she got her hair cut today so no more pigtails
in the pictures to come ... went with a bob ... easier to maintain

Chatty Cathy during one of her happy moments


Deelsu said...

love the pix of the kiddos! and gotta have adult beverages!
thanks for the congrats..we're excited!

starnes family said...

Doubt anyone got thirsty! I am always so happy to see moms willing to cut their girls' hair short. So many think they HAVE TO have this long hair....that often ends up looking stringy and unkept. No chance with're on top of it! They're so precious.