Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation Recap and Picture Overload ...

So are you ready ... our big trip started out with a bang or should I say a bust with Bia getting sick the night before we left. I have mentioned in previous posts how my girls are good sleepers. When they are fussy at night it means they aren't feeling too well. Bia woke up several times last Saturday night and I finally brought her into bed with us (which I never do unless they are sick) and she proceeded to puke in our bed at 1:00 am! Lovely! Needless to say Mr. ESPN and I didn't get much sleep that night and it didn't help when Chatty Cathy was up at 5:00 ready to go! Bia acted fine on Sunday during the car ride but was a little more mellow than normal (which was good for my sanity level since Chatty Cathy was on overdrive) during the vacation. We went to Legoland Monday and Wednesday and to the beach on Tuesday. Random funny side note - remember the Friend's episode where they go to the Caribbean and Monica has an afro because of the humidity? Well my hair resembled Monica's in that episode the first day we were in Cali - gotta love the humidity when you have naturally curly hair, especially when you are used to the dry heat in the desert! Mr. ESPN and I had a good laugh about it!
Most of you know I am from central FL and am biased when it comes to beaches. I prefer the warm waters and white sand in FL and the Caribbean to California beaches! Even Mr. ESPN agreed with me on that one. Chatty Cathy had a blast though and Bia enjoyed the sand prior to taking a nap in my arms (still wasn't feeling 100%). All in all it was a good trip and we had a great time with our neighbors. We will be home for two weeks and then we fly to Florida to see all of my family there (not sure how these vacations got scheduled so close together). Chatty Cathy is excited to play with her cousin JL at the beach (warm white sandy beaches here we come) and I am excited to see my family on a happier note (last time I was there was for my Pap-pa's funeral). My grandmothers and the rest of the family are excited to see the girls and I am hoping my aunt (who is an awesome photographer) can get some good family pics on the beach! He are the much anticipated pics from Cali!
Sisters playing in the hotel! Do you see Bia's stash of stuff she sleeps with every night - puppy, monkey, small blankie, big blankie 1 and big blankie 2! She's a hoarder! Big sis is the same way!

Bia listening to "Bear Down" playing from the bottle opener. Yes - we have indoctrinated our children with our alma mater's fight song. Chatty knows the entire chorus! By the end of the next basketball season I suspect Bia will know it too! Sad but true! Bear Down!!

Could she be any sassier? She looks so old in this picture!

Sweet Bia and Mommy

Bia enjoying the sunset on the beach

Always going, never stopping!

Loving the sand at the beach

The helicopter ride at Legoland

Bia (just like her mom) fixing Bob's outfit!

Mr. ESPN and Chatty Cathy on the Aquazone ride

Chillin and enjoying a beverage (notice the curls???)!

Sweet way to end the day - Chatty Cathy and her buddy JRS! SMC, LOB and DJB - you have some tough competition for Chatty Cathy's hand!


BMB-The Mom said...

Looks like a good time! We can't wait to hear your tips on LL. We might make it there some year! I LOVE Bia's hair curly! And yours too! And I can't help but smile at all of CC's big smiles!

AZCottrell said...

Great pics! S is not worried about the hand holding - vacation romances never last. ;-) J/K
Glad you had fun and all made it back okay. Can't wait to see you all soon!

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh! CC looks so old in that picture. A glimpse into your daughter as a sassy teen, for sure. Glad you had a fun vacation!!

The Lenzers said...

Glad vaca was a success. and yes, CC looked much older than 5 in the picture-scary!

Deelsu said...

WOW! Young love!
Cute beach pix and I love, love the stash...I used to do the same thing ;)