Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Engaged ...

Well of course I am not talking about me! But I am talking about my college roommate A! Yeah I am so thrilled I don't even know how to put it into words. She is by far one of the sweetest, most giving people I know - simply put a wonderful person and friend! To top it off she met an amazing man - L! She called me at work today and when I saw my caller ID I had a sneaking suspicion and I was right! We only got to chat a few minutes but I can't wait to hear about all her wedding planning - I love weddings! Sadly we live on opposite sides of the country otherwise I would be planning a lovely night out to celebrate!

I couldn't find any recent pics but here's a few ... one of A and Chatty Cathy (before she had a lot of hair) and one of all three of us at our Alma mater in 2005 ... yes we have seen each other several times since then but apparently I have forgotten my camera as I looked through my files and couldn't find another picture!

Congrats A (& L too) - we are so excited for you!


AZCottrell said...

Cindy - that is great news! Tell A congrats from me!

Deelsu said...

That's so exciting! Now you can follow 2 weddings! ;)