Thursday, July 9, 2009

See I already changed it and it has only been one day! One question - do any of you know how to get the border for the title removed? I tried and couldn't figure it out. Anyway - some pics of Bia's new hair cut as promised. The reason I keep my girls hair on the short side - other than it is cute - is because I can't stand seeing little girls with long hair that looks stringy and messy. I refuse to let that happen (well at least for now when I can control it).

So glad tomorrow is Friday. Going to hang out with my neighbor and discuss our San Diego trip - i.e. our lists of what to bring, activities, etc. The guys will take the kiddos swimming and she and I can plan over a glass or two of wine. Have a great weekend!

A picture of the sisters
Back view - mind you this is after her bath so not styled or anything, not that I actually "style" her hair but if we have somewhere important to go (i.e. church or a party) I will attempt to blow it dry and put a bow in.
The front view - she still has some of her curls left - at least one of my girls got my curls!


starnes family said...

Your girls are just so cute. I am so enjoying seeing photos of them and getting to "know" them!

I have an email including info on how to remove the line border. Will try to find and forward to you.

Deelsu said...

Such cuties! love the hair! no clue on the border..
San Diego again? how fun!