Friday, April 22, 2011

ESPN House Happenings

So you would think after the birthday hype things would slow down around here.  Yeah not so much.  Let's see - last weekend we all got haircuts (well the girls anyway).  Chatty's hair is so thick and she hates having it brushed (just like me at that age) so we went to the short bob.

And then there is my mini me.  She has curly hair like her momma and screamed on Sunday morning she didn't want to wear it curly ... oh my so much like me.  Looks like she will learn to use the flat iron at a young age!
But her curls are so stinking cute!!

We dyed Easter eggs this week.  Bia only broke 2 so that wasn't too bad.  The whole making sure each kid has the same amount to color, etc. gets real old real quick.  Ugh everything is a competition.

Yes they are in ROYGBIV order .. Type A anyone??

Lucky for me my mom is super crafty and makes great holiday decorations for me.  This one is probably one of my all time favorites - plastic egg garland (yes she rocks!).

Close Up

Full view - we needed one just a bit longer but I think it looks cute

Ok so back to egg dying ... sorry for the scatter brain thoughts.

Lucky for me and my Type A tendencies my kids didn't double dip their eggs in multiple colors!

Oh and just because these are cute.  Nana and Poppa took these when the girls were at their house a few weeks back.
Chef Bia


Dee Stephens said... are Type A! I am too but I don't think it's that bad but others disagree.
Cute pictures and funny about Bia and not liking her curly hair.
She is totally a mini you! HA!

The Lenzers said...

hair cuts are super cute! you are way too neat with your eggs. you should probably never come here for a visit, you would die!

Sandra said...

That egg-ribbon along your fireplace is great. I do have to tell you though, I have those same stars! Cool! I've never seen them in anyone else's home, so I was like, "Hey! We're kindred spirits!"

Sassafrass Jane said...

I never double dipped my eggs. It bugged me when other kids did. Who wants a brown egg!?
What darling haircuts! Bia's curls are presh!
Happy Easter :)

FROGGITY! said...

very very cute!! happy easter!!!