Friday, April 1, 2011

Quotes from our Spring Break

I haven't had time to download my pictures, but will this weekend.  Until then I will leave you with some of the memorable quotes from our trip.
  • "This is the happiest place on Earth - You Will Be Happy!" - Mr. ESPN to the girls on the way into the park
  • "I go back to the hotel!" - Bia multiple times each day at the park.
  • "I'm sure glad I don't have this many to watch all the time" - Me to Mr. ESPN while watching 7 kids so my neighbors and my cousin and her husband could ride Space Mountain.
  • "That's not fair!" - Chatty
  • "We have the most ungrateful children" - Me to Mr. ESPN after our kids complained incessantly the first night in the hotel.
  • "I ride Dumbo" - Bia over and over again - in between wanting to go back to the hotel.
  • "Anywhere that serves beer" - Mr. ESPN when I asked him where he wanted to go for lunch.
  • "This is the best day ever!" - Chatty every day at the park
  • "Tell him to make a freakin decision - I am tired of making all of the decisions!" - Me to Chatty when Mr. ESPN sent her over to ask if he should by her a toy.
  • "Where's Cousin Connor? I want to ride with Cousin Connor" - Chatty whenever Connor's family wasn't with us.
  • "I need a drink!" - Mr. ESPN multiple times during the trip.
We had a great time ... got to hang with my cousin's family!  Loved it - we need to do it more often!!  Got to meet the ever fabulous Casey and her gang!  Will post more when I get my pictures downloaded ...


starnes family said...

Love these! I'm still so excited we finally met. Love your fam!

Sara said...

I like Mr. ESPN's style! Do they serve beer at Disneyland?? I'm sure y'all found out.

Glad you had fun and got to meet up with the Starnes crew!!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Sara - no not at Disneyland but at California Adventure and in Downtown Disney they do!

The Lenzers said...

good times!!!!