Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday Recap and Picture Overload

Since we went to Disneyland over Spring Break, Mr. ESPN and I decided we would not be throwing a birthday party for the girls - that was their party.  But somehow Chatty seemed to get a whole weekend of celebrating.  I'm still trying to figure out how she accomplished that.

The festivities started on Saturday.  Chatty requested ribs for dinner.  So her lovely servants (aka Mom and Dad) got busy and grilled some ribs and made some cupcakes.  It wouldn't have been a celebration if our favorite neighbors weren't there ...

Chatty and JR

After dinner Chatty requested to go to Dave and Buster's.  If you don't know what Dave and Buster's is, think over sized arcade with a bar in the middle.  It was loud and expensive (both the games and the adult beverages), but the kids seemed to have fun when they weren't fighting over who got to play what.

Air Hockey Ace

The parents aka Chatty and Bia's servants 
Chatty took this picture

Bia loving the air hockey

Chatty surfing

The next morning we headed to church with cupcakes in tow.  Because what's Sunday school without cupcakes right?  Afterwards we met Nana and Poppa at our favorite pizza place (yes this is a birthday tradition at our house) for lunch and birthday pizzookie.
Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl with Nana and Poppa

So was it over yet?  No - now time for her actual birthday ... Monday.  Here she is bed head and all opening up a few small presents.  She received an I-Pod Touch from Nana and Poppa, Grandma and Grandpa and Mr. ESPN and me (we gave it to her on Sunday at lunch with Nana and Poppa).  She is obsessed with it!  Kind of like Mr. ESPN and his I-Phone!
Lovely hair girlfriend
Dress from Grandma

Are you all tired yet?  I was - I volunteered in Chatty's class and stayed for lunch and took cookies in for a treat.  After school I took the girls to the pediatrician for their well checks and Port of Subs for dinner (Chatty's  choice).  Monday night our favorite neighbors came back over for Peeps birthday cake. 

Easiest Cake Ever

Make a Wish

My little peep eating a peep!

Remember how I said in my last post I hadn't eaten sugar in the past week or so ... didn't even lick my fingers when I made the cupcakes or cake ... well I couldn't help it I had to have a small piece (and it was oh so good - moist yellow cake and homemade chocolate butter cream frosting)!  Now I feel like I am starting all over!  Good thing birthdays are done in our house for awhile, now if I can get my kids and Mr. ESPN to finish off all of the leftovers I will be good!


Dee Stephens said...

That was quite a week! Lots of eating out, and fun! IPod Touch! Taht's nice! I don't even have an Ipod!

Sara said...

Man, I don't know how y'all are going to top Chatty's birthday next year - good luck with that! :)

That birthday cake is adorable!! You're so talented! I wish I could do stuff like that. Definitely not my strong suit.

starnes family said... aren't kidding. Cutest cake ever! Copying!

Dave & Buster's is worse than Chuck E Cheese in my opinion. Headache upon entering the door.

FROGGITY! said...

yum! that cake is adorable and tasty looking. i am CRACKED UP BY HER HAIR!! love it!

happy birthday!!!

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and introducing yourself!

Look like your daughter had a great birthday! I look forward to following along.

The Lenzers said...

so much for no party! she and con are just alike. We are making the chick cake for easter tomorrow, but doing cupcakes instead-i don't have a round cake pan