Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Rants and Observations at the ESPN House

A bunch of randomness
  1. It is supposed to be in the high 70's here in the desert.  For the love of winter could we actually get some cooler daytime temps?
  2. Why does Chatty insist on waking up at 4:45 am today and want to talk and eat?  These are the moments I seriously think she is not my child.
  3. Sara Evan's version of Go Tell It on the Mountain is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever.
  4. Our elf, Snowball, isn't doing that good of a job.  My kids are wild and misbehaving like they are getting paid for it.  I feel like Super Nanny is going to show up any minute and shout "Gotcha!"  If she could help, it might be worth the embarrassment.
  5. My Christmas cards will be in the mail tomorrow and once again Mr. ESPN's only contribution is dropping them off at the post office.  Oh and he licked a couple envelopes.
  6. There are presents under the tree - even though I have threatened "Santa won't be coming to this house" more times than I can remember over the last few days.
  7. Being at the soccer field that is an hour away at 7:15 am in 46 degree weather isn't how I prefer to spend the second Sunday of Advent.  We told Chatty God would understand she had a tournament and it was OK to miss church last week.
  8. It's lovely when people stare at you in the grocery store parking lot when your kids is screaming "That hurts Mommy!"  I had escorted Bia out of the store and she proceeded to throw a fit in the parking lot when I held her arm (so she wouldn't run through the parking lot).
  9. Andes Peppermint Crunch Candy: 25CT Bag
    These are really good and addicting!
  10. If another person tells me how skinny Mr. ESPN is and how good he looks (as if I don't already know), I am going to drop kick them and then I am going to eat some chocolate and drink a glass of wine!  Just a warning ...


Brooke said...

Aw! You're too hard on yourself. I'm sure no one thought you were being a bad mommy for Bia having a fit at the store. I hope Snowball starts picking up the slack. Maybe he should just get completely disgusted and disappear for a few days :) And P.S. You look fabulous too

AZCottrell said...

I love your random thoughts! We have the same problems with the mis-behaving lately. We don't have an elf on the shelf - but it sounds like it may not make a difference. And you look fabulous with or without the chocolate and wine!

starnes family said...

Our elf is a big fail this year. Even the one we brought in for reinforcements seems to be doing no good. I think it's time to order the real deal. Off to google.com I go.

The Lenzers said...

you're the skinny one, can I drop kick you? i wish we were closer cous!!!! hang in ther

Dee Stephens said...

Is he trying to lose weight? Jealous! I need to drop some pounds before Bahamas!

Sara said...

7.15am on a Sunday??? Good grief!! Don't they know that Sundays are a day of rest?

I'm gonna have to check out Sara Evan's version of that song. Haven't heard it!