Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis the Season ...

For fights at our house.  Seriously, my girls can argue over anything and everything.  Not that this is anything new, but you would think with Snowball the Elf watching they would try a little harder.  Here are a few of the things they fight over:
  • Who sits in Daddy's chair
  • Who sits next to Mommy
  • Who opens the door
  • Who turns on the Christmas lights
  • Who sits in Mommy's chair
  • Who takes a shower/bath first
  • Who uses which bathroom
  • What television show to watch
  • Who puts the forks versus the napkins on the table - because did you know forks are so much cooler than napkins?  Me neither!
  • Who hugs Mommy first
  • Who sits next to Nana and Poppa
  • Who sits on what chair to skype Grandma and Grandpa
  • What movie to watch
  • Who sits next to Mommy on the couch
Seriously they fight about all of these and more on a daily basis.  It is driving Mr. ESPN and I insane!  Can you imagine how they will be when they are teenagers (God help us)?  The one good thing - 5 minutes after arguing about these things they are loving on each other.

BTW - thanks for the comments on my last comment on my last post.  The whole drop kicking someone for complimenting Mr. ESPN on how skinny he is was based on my MIL.  God bless her she is a sweet woman and I love her dearly but every time I talk to her recently all she can talk about is how skinny her son is and even referring to him as the Incredible Shrinking Man (no I am not even kidding!).  They are spending a week with us at Christmas and I am not sure I can handle those kind of comments for 7 days straight!  We all love our husbands dearly but doesn't it get a bit annoying when people compliment them over and over and over again (even if they are great husbands and look good)??? 


starnes family said...

Men have it so much easier. It's so not fair. "Incredible shrinking man". Who says that?!

I'm so with you on the fighting thing and I often think it's only my kids. Thanks for making me feel better about this. :)

Dee Stephens said...

I think I missed the skinny post? I need to go back and look! Yes, you have some fun years ahead of you with those girls! Imagine how they'll be over clothes when they get to be Jr. High and High School aged!! ;)

Merry Mack said...

Men do have it easier. I would drop kick them. Plus, I think you should play it up and make the people who make the comments really uncomfortable make sexual innuendo comments so they will want you to stop.

May the arguing cease. I am blogging today about something our elf did. Maybe it will help.

Sara said...

The in-laws are staying with you for a WEEK??? Wowsers...I think I'd have to check into a hotel myself.

The Lenzers said...

the fighting never ends here either! over every.single.thing!