Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bia's Bedroom

When Bia was born we didn't paint her room or anything and then a few months ago when she graduated from the crib we switched hers and Chatty's room. Bia's old room (Chatty's new one) is a little bit bigger and could better handle a full size bed (which the crib converted to) that Chatty sleeps in. When we moved Chatty into Bia's old room we painted it and little by little I have been adding a few things. It still isn't complete but here are a few pictures. Trust me it looks better in person. I wish I had more patience to do stripes like my good friend Laurie, but alas solid blue is what we have.

They had to have their picture taken before they would leave the room!

So now you all know Chatty's real name .... and yes I made the bed right before I took the pic!
I know the green frame over the cork board doesn't go, but I haven't had a chance to find a pink one to hang on another wall.

Since we had painted Chatty's rooms three different times, I was feeling guilty that Bia was left out. Bia is attached to her raggedy Dalmatian puppy and would take it everywhere if we let her. Last year when the Disney store was closing we found a Dalmatian comforter set for $15 and bought it. It has been in the closet this whole time. I am not a huge fan of character bedding but since Bia loves puppies we decided to pull it out and paint her room. I turned the comforter on the wrong side so it only shows the spots because I think it looks less tacky. Bia loves it and keeps saying "Daddy paint" since her daddy painted her room. Pretty cute.

We have a bed frame but started her with the bed on the floor. This works well because she can climb up on her own. Yes Bia does sleep with all of that stuff - she is a hoarder of animals & blankets!

Not too fond of the curtains - they were some I had in the linen closet. Any ideas? I think something with a valance would be good ...


starnes family said...

Well done! Doesn't it feel good to have a room done?!

Deelsu said...

I'm a fan of actual curtains myself rather than valance.
Maybe go with a white?
Also, if Bia is into the Disney Dalmatians.. I HAVE to send you pictures of a party my friend just did for her daughter. It's to die for. I'll email you.

AZCottrell said...

Both look great! Your kids are so spunky and have such firm and different (from each other) opinions on what they like. I love that about them.

The Lenzers said...

They look great. I am impressed with how clean they are-or did you do that for the pic? Your anniversary pic of you and D is good too. Hope yall had a good night. And the PC-is the 2nd one working out?