Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Season Starts this Weekend!

Warning to my friends/readers who don't care for college football - go ahead and skip this post because all it talks about is my love of college football! I'm telling you this is your fair warning!

T Minus three Days until College Football starts ... who do you think is more excited, Mr. ESPN or me? Truth be told it is probably a pretty close competition ... he may win out but only by a slight amount. I tease him all the time that the real reason he married me is for my love of sports - I guess it is the southerner in me! He told me our Netflix subscription will end this week as we won't have time to watch movies with football on. Yes we are that couple that purchases the college football television package (and the NFL package) so we can watch all the teams we love. We have discussed that when we retire we are going to travel to different college stadiums to tailgate and watch games. We have several must see stadiums on our list (including but not limited to) the Big House (MI), Between the Hedges (GA), Doak Campbell Stadium (FSU), Death Valley (LSU), the Swamp (UF), TX Memorial Stadium (UT), among others. By the time we retire we will have several season's worth of stadiums on our list.

So in honor of the upcoming season leave a comment or post on your own blog the following.
  • Favorite Team
  • Team you Cheer for other than your Alma Mater & Why?

My answers:

  • Favorite Team - Arizona Wildcats (mine and Mr. ESPN's alma mater); it's tough being a Wildcat fan because we haven't had the best of teams but hopefully we are finally turning the corner; Chatty cheers on the Go Cats with us and I think Bia might get into it this year too.
  • Team you Cheer for other than your Alma Mater & Why? Florida State Seminoles; I am from Florida and my big brother and I grew up watching and cheering for them; I think he is the reason I love college football and sports in general; we still chat after a lot of the FSU games; Chatty loves the Go Noles too.

Can't wait to see your answers!


starnes family said...

OH, this is a cute idea! I will work on it tonight. Great idea!

Deelsu said...

* Favorite Team: LSU Tigers
My alma mater! PLUS.. they rock on the field!

* I follow all SEC schools to keep track on who wins and who loses and where we stand in the SEC East.. in hopes of being in the SEC championship.
I also follow Virginia Tech because that's Brad's school and I'm a supporter! ;)

AZCottrell said...

Of course fav is AZ Wildcats! The kids are brainwashed as are yours!

Other team I cheer for - ASU ... to LOSE against anyone they are playing! ;-)

Actually, I don't really have another favorite team, but I like to follow the Big Ten teams since I grew up in the midwest. NOt really cheer for them, but just watch them from afar with interest.

FROGGITY! said...


Ole Miss is my alma mater. I love it, and even though we have really random seasons, I still remain true... Hotty Toddy!

But I also enjoy watching LSU football. I have been known to yell Geaux Tigers. But not if they are playing Ole Miss... that would just be wrong. ;)

I also adore Clemson. I just do, I can't help it.