Monday, September 28, 2009

SPARK of the Week!!

Each student in Chatty's Kindergarten class is chosen as "Spark of the Week" during the school year. This is a special week for the student, they get to bring "Sparkey" the bear home for the weekend and take them everywhere they go. The teacher provided a scrapbook and each kid is allowed two pages to document the weekend's events with Sparkey. In addition the student (parent) fills out a poster all about themselves, they bring in their favorite book one day and their favorite snack another day for the entire class. Miss Chatty was selected as the very first "Spark of the Week". She was very proud of herself for earning this honor.

Before I show the pictures of our scrapbook pages let me first tell you I don't scrapbook. My mom does and she didn't pass down any of those genes to me, so normally I ask her to do all my scrapbooking for me - and she graciously obliges (thanks Mom!). Secondly Sparkey is the name of our arch rival's mascot. That would be like you LSU fans bringing home an animal named AL (as in AL the FL gator). Anyway, with that being said, Mr. ESPN was insistent that we document Sparkey's time with us with as much Arizona fanfare as possible. The funny thing is Sparkey wears a red and blue polo (U of A colors) and jeans. Lucky for Mr. ESPN the only scrapbook supplies I have (mind you they are 5 years old) is Arizona paper and stickers. We put them to good use. The hard thing about being the first kid to be "Spark of the Week" means I couldn't reference any other people's pages to get ideas from. I am sure all of the other parents are going to think we are nutty and that we have indoctrinated our kids into being Arizona fans ... oh well - we are a little nutty at times!

Here are pictures of Sparkey in Bia's car seat (she wasn't with us) on the way to the grocery store, in the grocery cart and then back at home helping us make chocolate chip cookies. I even grabbed one of Sophia's aprons that my mom made and put it on Sparkey. Note - isn't Chatty's apron cute? Mr. ESPN's cousin (who lives in London) got it for her years ago from Harrod's - I love it and want one of my own!

Is it bad that we staged the above family photo? We went to a friend's house for a party on Saturday and were watching the game but didn't get a family picture (we got a cute one of the girls, Sparkey and my friend's husband but Mr. ESPN didn't want to the other kids to think that was the girls' dad), so on Sunday I made everyone put on their shirts and our neighbor came over and took the picture! The other one of Chatty is from Sunday school, Sparkey got to participate in my first day teaching Sunday school solo! Lucky bear!

Our staged family shot -not to bad for last minute photo!
Bia had to have Monkey in the shot too!


starnes family said...

It's a precious picture, staged, last minute or not!

I scrapbook all of our trips, but nothing else. It's too much damn work. But, I love the results. Yours is darling!

AZCottrell said...

Awesome job! That is such a fun thing her class does. I like the U of A props, of course I'm biased - but it shows an important tradition in her family!

Deelsu said...

Love it! Your girls are going to grow up being a 'guys' girl liking football! that's a GREAT thing!

BMB-The Mom said...

Great job! Very creative! Log and Dil got their star students done with for the year but they weren't nearly as cool as CC's!

FROGGITY! said...

i tried to comment earlier but my computer freaked out on me.

but i wanted to say that the picture is darling and the scrappin' superb! you go girl!

The Lenzers said...

well noone has to know it was a fake picture!! it's a good one though. back in the day we just had star of the week and all you had to do was make a poster for the classroom door. boy how times have changed. too bad your mom wouldn't do your homework for you!!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Ha! So funny you admitted the fake photo sesh!

I can't believe you did all that crap with that bear, took pictures, and had to print them all in the same weekend. That teacher is intense. Good work!

KingstonsQueen said...

So cute! Congrats to CC for being the first Spark of the week. Love how you made Sparkey a U of A fan. Go Cats!