Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Favorite Store

So a few of you commented after my last post, trying to guess my favorite store. Several of you said Target. Yes I do love Target and spend quite a lot of time and money (much to Mr. ESPN's dismay) at Target but alas it is not my all time favorite. The funny thing is I hated my favorite store when I was in high school. My parents would go every week and I would dread going there. Not sure why, but it just didn't intrigue me back then. My love affair with this store started budding in college but my true obsession with this store didn't occur until I became a homeowner, and then it was all over! Mr. ESPN loves this store as much as I do (which is a good thing) and my children get excited for the treats they receive when we go there.

I am sure you can all guess it by now .... (drum roll please) Costco! Where else can you buy so many different things, get great customer service (re: returns and exchanges - they are like Nordstrom in this regard), awesome products at a great price and the best snacks while shopping? To show you all my love affair with this store I decide to take a few pictures of some of the items I have in my house from Costco. Mind you, we get a lot of food there, but these pictures are primarily non-food related items ...

I am not sure what I am going to do when Bia is potty trained, I think I may still buy these because I use them so often; We also buy diapers and pull ups at Costco

Pre-gym membership we purchased this ... it has gotten some good use

A glimpse into my pantry (absolutely love my walk in pantry)
Costco items that I can see in this picture - baggies (all sizes), paper towels (Casey-remember how i said I was a paper towel whore - here's proof), rice krispie treats, oatmeal, trash can, crock pot, Pam, BBQ sauce, 100 calorie snack packs, croutons, sliced almonds, Kleenex, pancake mix, plastic utensils, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fruit cups (I keep finding more every time I look at the picture)

Aren't these adorable? $5/each at Costco - for Bia next summer!

Chatty's radio ... Christmas gift from Nana and Poppa last year

Pictures - I upload them online and pick them up at my local store

Some of the books we've read (yes we need a bookcase)
Disclaimer - the Tax textbooks were not purchased from Costco

Bath towels - super absorbent!

Storage bins - I have these in every closet - they are great!

Suitcase that has traveled all over!

My wedding rings (the pic is a little blurry)

Picture Frames (note - these are last year's Christmas pictures)

Wine Glasses ... because you can never have too many; they also have great selection of wine!

Stars - makes me feel like I live in Texas!
These are actually from the Costco Home Store
This is just a small taste of what we have in our house from Costco ... there is quite a bit more. I seriously love this store and could go each week and leisurely browse through it. The nice thing is we have about 4 that are in close proximity to our house so I can always get my fill! So don't be surprised if you run into me at your local Costco!
Disclaimer - This post has not been paid for or endorsed by Costco


Deelsu said...

You are funny! I don't have a Costco membership but a Sam's instead. I love it too. I've bought some super cute clothes there!

starnes family said...

We have a membership and love it, too. I'm very disciplined when I shop there, but do get some great deals!

Sassafrass Jane said...

I LOVE Costco! And I'm so glad you've given it a post it truly deserves.
I totally agree-we buy books, electronics, clothes, bulk items, food, etc. My favorite is the customer service-impeccable. And pictures are so easy! You can do it from your file on your comp, not upload to a separate site.
Great post!

AZCottrell said...

True Dat!

BMB-The Mom said...

We call it the $100 club, but it's usually the $200 club!

You know something funny? I just changed the boys bathroom into navy and green polka dot circle theme! Great minds think alike!

The Lenzers said...

Love costco too!!!
I go way to often, but I do try to plan it around lunch because the boys and I can all eat for $5-2 hotdogs, slice of pizza, and a couple of drinks...not to mention all the yummy treats you get just walking around. What is this costco home store though? My mom doesnt have a membership anymore, so when ever i am home, I go by her papertowels. She will spend about 50-60 bucks on PT, enough to last her until my next visit. Plus I buy my gas there every Tuesday.

BTW_love the walkin pantry. So wish I had one!!