Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. ESPN

Tomorrow marks 11 years for Mr. ESPN and me. To celebrate Chatty and Bia are going to Nana and Poppa's house for a sleepover. Not sure who is more excited about this - Chatty, Poppa or Mr. ESPN! We plan to relax and enjoy a kid free night and go to dinner. We still haven't decided where we are going to dinner.

Honestly it doesn't seem like that long ago we said our vows. Neither one of us is the super mushy type (not to be confused with sentimental and emotional - which I am, him not so much) but I did want to acknowledge this day and tell you all he is a great husband, dad and friend! It hasn't been easy but it's been fun (most of the time). We frustrate each other to no end but I never doubt his love for me or mine for him! Yes we got married young but I know we got it right! I love you Mr. ESPN! By the way you still owe me that trip to Europe!

Since we were married ages ago, aka before digital prints, I had to take pictures of my pictures (since my computer at home broke - see previous post) rather than scan them in. Since that was the case I only posted a few (for some reason I couldn't find one of all the guys and the ring bearer). I wasn't too thrilled with the way they turned out so I went on scrapblog and played with them (Casey - scrapblog is addicting). I love sepia and black and white photos. Let me know what you think.


starnes family said...

Absolutely precious! I love it....well done. You should print them and frame.

FROGGITY! said...

Wow! Happy Anniversary! Those are great!!

The Lenzers said...

So behind on my blogs...been a rough week!!! Anyway, dang you are old. I can't believe you've been married that long. Congratulations. It is truely an honor to make it that far. I must email you soon-if I can just get my brain to function past 1pm these days!

Have a great anniversary.
love you cous

BMB-The Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! I can still remember the day-amazingly! I hope you guys have a great night together!

AZCottrell said...

Happy Anniversary old people! (j/k) Have a GREAT celebration!!!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Very sweet! Cute couple :)
I could be on scrapblog for hours.

Happy Anniversary! Cheers!

Robin said...

How fun that you were able to do that. I agree with another comment, you should print those out. You two still look the same!
Happy Anniversary!