Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Time

Summer is coming to a close and Dee has tagged me ...

  • Favorite Summer Cocktail: Ice Cold beer - Corona Light with a lime
  • Favorite Summer Movie: This is hard ... I can't remember what I have seen on Netflix ...
  • Favorite Summer Song: Anything by Buffet and/or Kenny Chesney
  • Favorite Summer Time Outfit: Sundresses - though I don't own many; flip flops!
  • Favorite Summer Reading: Coastal Living and Southern Living - wishing I owned a beach house! I have read several books this summer but none of them were fabulous - good but not fabulous.
  • Favorite Summer Moment: Our trip to Florida - playing at the beach with the girls and Mr. ESPN

Honestly I am kind of glad summer is coming to a close - even though it will still be hot here in the desert for another 2 months ... plus it means Mr. ESPN and my anniversary is coming up - the big 11 year mark!

Now I have to tag some people ....

Cousin J - I know you were tagged by Dee too but I haven't seen a response yet!



The Future Mrs. Kingston


starnes family said...

It IS hot there. Holy, Lord. I thought I knew "hot" being raised in Texas. You're in a whole other category!

Great these!

BMB-The Mom said...

Ooooh, I've never been "tagged" before! How exciting! I'll have to get working on it! My laptop is back up and running! Oh how I missed it!

Deelsu said...

Hey! I use the earplugs everytime we go out of town and I'm telling you they work and I haven't noticed the breathing.
The only part I'm not crazy about is - you really have to keep your hair pulled back at night because it's like playdough it gets stuck in there and you have to work it out..