Monday, August 31, 2009

Milestone Weekend

So we hit another milestone this weekend with Chatty Cathy ... she lost her first tooth. I was totally surprised when she showed me Friday afternoon that her tooth was very loose - only hanging on in the front. Being the sweet momma that I am, I told her we needed to pull it out. Mr. ESPN googled it and the information he found said let it come out naturally. Whatever - we always pulled them out when we were kids! I even told Chatty Cathy she would be wise to lose the tooth that night as the Tooth Fairy gets paid on Fridays and would have more cash that night than say a Monday night. She then got pretty interested and asked if the Tooth Fairy was going to bring her $100! I sadly had to inform her it is a recession and budgets have been cut, even for the Tooth Fairy. So yes I pulled her tooth out and she screamed a bit but then was fine ... just another example of why my kids will need therapy someday! She was pretty excited about the $5 she received from the Tooth Fairy. Mr. ESPN and I weren't sure what the going rate was but thought for a first tooth that was a decent amount.

Saturday Chatty and I got our hair cut and Bia got a little trim ... church on Sunday and some swimming. When we were getting ready to go swimming I looked for my new (not cheap) bathing suit I got earlier this summer and couldn't find it. I looked and looked and looked and even accused Mr. ESPN of putting it away in the wrong place (he does a lot of the laundry and my stuff oftentimes turns up missing) . Needless to say I finally found it along with one of Bia's swimsuits, one of Chatty's swimsuits, Chatty's green goggles and a book of Bia's .... all in the front pocket of one of our suitcases from our trip to FL - lovely! Yes I did apologize to Mr. ESPN!

First picture after the milestone event

Ready for Church

Such a sweet picture of Bia
New haircut and new smile!

The girls love to jump in the pool from the high edge over the water feature (it wasn't turned on - sort of like a waterfall). Trying to catch them mid-jump is difficult

GG has be reunited with her green goggles - no worries we have several other pairs she has been using while these were misplaced by Mom!


AZCottrell said...

Congrats to Lacey! big girl losing her first tooth! Awesome job being brave when mommy pulled it too!
Cindy - those are the cutest pics of the kids before church! Love them.

Deelsu said...

OMG! So cute! My Dad used to pull our loose teeth too!
Those church pix are so cute! Is that Lily they have on?

The Lenzers said...

Good God....$5...are you serious? Loose teeth make me sick to my stomach. I can handle all kinds of blood and gore, but loose teeth-not looking forward to it.

Love the haircuts. And I can't believe the girls, especially S, jump from up there. SCARY!

FROGGITY! said...

look at those darling pictures!!!!! cuteeee!

congrats on the tooth that's awesome!!