Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

Don't have much to report just a few random things ....

  • I think I lost employee of the year today. When I got home from the gym and walked in the door, Mr. ESPN says "Your boss just called". I am think "Oh Crap" what did I forget to do (it is month end close at work). So I call my boss and low and behold I forgot to make a journal entry and they can't close the books (and it was 6:00 p.m.). So much for that employee of the year award! Anyway I made my entry and then come to find out my friend (co-worker) forgot to make one too so I didn't feel too dumb! That's why I always tell my boss he shouldn't let tax people like me do REAL accounting work - yes believe me there is a difference, that's why my degree is in Finance and Entrepreneurship and not Accounting!

  • Chatty Cathy - Her belly button is healing nicely - yeah! Chatty Cathy is always talking (hence the blog name) and more importantly she always has to tell Mr. ESPN and/or I something. Below is an example of a typical daily conversation with Chatty Cathy.

    • Me - "Chatty Cathy please go do -------- (insert anything you would normally ask your child to do, i.e. brush your teeth, wash your hands for dinner, get dressed, go to the bathroom, etc.)"
    • Chatty - "But Mom I HAVE to tell you something"
    • Me - "It isn't an emergency, you can tell me after you have finished doing what I asked you to do"
    • Chatty - "But it IS an EMERGENCY, I HAVE to TELL you NOW!"
    • Me - "OK Chatty, what is it that you have to tell me now?"
    • Chatty - "My friend at school wore a GO CATs shirt today" (or insert any other random - i.e. non emergency - event that occurred during the day)
    • Me - "UGH - GO DO ------- NOW!"

  • Bia - She is her usual stubborn self (I have no idea where she gets it from - LOL). Every morning (for the past couple weeks) after Mr. ESPN gets her dressed she walks into the master bathroom pushing her purple grocery cart filled with her lovies (Puppy, Monkey & Gorilla) and blankies (big one & little one). She is very adamant about this routine so there is no use discouraging it unless you want Princess Whiny Pants in the house at 6:15 am! I am not sure what started it and if I was more awake and in a better mood at 6:15 I might actually take a picture - but we all know that probably won't happen anytime soon!
  • Mr. ESPN - I asked him to start pulling out his clothes last weekend for our trip to Florida - which of course he didn't get around to. Yes, I pack every one's clothes. If I didn't the other members of my family would be wearing wrinkled clothes the entire vacation and may or may not match. Tonight I decided to pull out some shirts for him to take and folded them so they are ready to put in the suitcase. He is at the gym right now so we'll see what he says when he gets home. He likes to pick out his own stuff, although I have been known to switch it out to something I prefer when he isn't looking!

That's the exciting stuff around here, I warned you at the beginning that I didn't have much!


starnes family said...

Your "didn't have much" is still fun! Love the recap of Chatty Cathy's chatter. I am taking notes for our future with Lainey.

AZCottrell said...

Love it! Shaun does the "emergency have to tell you something right now" thing too. But by the time we get to that point he see's I'm annoyed and he usually just says "I love you mommy". Then I can't get mad at him because he said something sweet. It's so funny.

Deelsu said...

love the convo with Chatty Cathy. so fun!

FROGGITY! said...

i just wanted to come over here and say that you're my hero. :)

i wrote it on casey's post, but i need you to see that. i am so glad someone sees the same p.o.v. w/ regard to health care! cheers, sista!

FROGGITY! said...

you're from daytona?! i am obsessed with the space coast area. in fact, that's where we want to move after charleston. we loooove the melbourne area - i guess that's not too far from daytona (relatively, of course!). awesome.

i did read that on casey's post. i feel honored (you should too, we're on the same wavelength!). seriously, we just debate it out daily in our house... i am glad to know that people feel the same way.

Robin said...

Love the packing for Mr ESPN bit. I can totally relate! I had a good laugh.