Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blogging at the Beach Continued ...

We had a great time in Florida. The girls were so sad when we left, especially when they had to say goodbye to their cousins J & A. They had such a great time playing with them. Below are some of our favorite things about going back to FL! Note - we were staying on New Smyrna Beach, just south of Daytona, I highly recommend it!
  • Family (of course the girls said cousins J& A but we loved seeing everyone)
  • The beach - soft white sand and warm water!
  • Seafood - fish sandwiches, shrimp, etc! Yum!
  • Yuengling Beer (that is one of D's favorite things about going back)
  • Granny's home cooking - especially the desserts!
  • Friends with great condos on the beach
  • Aunt E's Newfoundlands - Moose and Yogi (L loved seeing them - S not so much!)
  • Fishing, although we didn't get a chance to this time
  • Mickey Store at the Orlando Airport

Thanks everyone for making our trip back so much fun! Now for some pictures ... I will upload some more in another post ... Enjoy! Chatty and cousin J

The little cousins - Bia and A - two little drama queens!

Granny (my grandmother) and 4 of her great grand kids. She is the one who makes all of the fabulous comfort foods ... cornbread, green beans, banana pudding, cobbler, etc!

Bia riding the rocking horse

Mam-ma (my grandmother) and her little buddies!


Deelsu said...

such fun! so fun to have their great grandmother around! Mine was around until I was 8 but she was blind and nearly deaf but she still would crack some funny jokes!

starnes family said...

Great pictures and great post. Looks like a fun time and you look fabulous!

AZCottrell said...

Cute pics! I love that Bia's curls come out so much down there! Too adorable.