Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Fun

Chasing two kids around a bridal store was not very fun but we did have fun visiting with my friend A, her sister, mom and later her fiancee L at lunch. I was just going to take Chatty inside the store and leave Bia with Mr. ESPN, but of course Bia wanted to come too! So the three of us ventured in and they proceeded to play and eat snacks and not listen to anything I asked them to do. But then again what else is new - right? Mr. EPSN ran some errands and then picked us up and we all went to lunch.

A Bride and her Flower girl! Aren't the bags super cute? Chatty asked if she could carry it down the aisle at the wedding. I had to explain to her that she will be carrying flowers, hence the title "Flower Girl".

The happy couple and my girls. Needless to say my girls love anyone and everyone who shows them attention. It took Bia a little while to warm up but once she did you couldn't get her away from them. A&L are so sweet and so good with kids. Chatty Cathy wanted to go back to Tampa in L's suitcase. I was so ready to send her - we have been having a lot of behavioral issues with Miss Sassypants! UGH!

Chatty tried on her dress Sunday night to show Nana and Poppa. I bought the dress a little big because Chatty has been growing like a weed and our personal seamstress (aka Grandma) is coming for a visit at Thanksgiving so she can alter it then. Plus the next size down was much shorter on her (she's a little tall like her mom). We all liked the longer length. A wants to add some blue ribbon around the waistline to match the flowers and then I will make a bow to match too. Chatty's hair was a little random in this pic ... no worries she will be properly done up for the big day!


starnes family said...

Love the bag, love the dress, love the kid! All 3 are darling.

Deelsu said...

Love the bags too! I have nothing like that :(
When is her big date?

AZCottrell said...

Awesome! Tell A hello for me and she looks great! That pic of them with the kids looks perfect - like they need to have a couple right away! ;-) Did you plan for them to have matching shirts with the bride - or was it just luck!? Love it!

FROGGITY! said...

WOW that is one cute bag and some DARLING girls!! :) so sweet.