Sunday, August 16, 2009

Final Blogging at the Beach Post

OK - one last post of vacation pictures. I told myself I had to get this done today because tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten and that will entail another post and pictures. We are all looking forward to the first day! Hope you all had a good weekend!

Bia playing in the sand

Chatty goofing around at the beach

Bia snuggling with Mam-ma

The girls, me and my Dad

The girls and me, ready for the beach

Chatty getting some love from Moose

Cousin J and Chatty enjoying Popsicles

The little girls enjoying their treats - Cousin A and Bia

A story from Granny before we left for the airport


FROGGITY! said...

look how sweet! your children are such dolls. what a fun time with family! :)

AZCottrell said...

Even if we missed you like crazy, looks like you had an awesome time! (btw - Ainsley has the same swimsuit as Bia -how crazy..but no surprise there!)
Hope to see you all soon! Hope Kindergarten went great today too!