Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Wow, where did the weekend go? The weekends seem to fly by. Chatty Cathy is feeling pretty well, although she complains about her belly hurting some. Mr. ESPN and I both think it looks super sore and are surprised she hasn't complained more. Dinner with my BFF's family last night was fun. It is so nice having friends where we all enjoy each other's company - kids, husbands, wives. I know that is rare for some - they are his or her friends, but we are lucky enough to have several couples where we get along great with both spouses and the kids get along great too. Today we went school clothes shopping. I can't believe Chatty Cathy is a size 7 now?! No more Carter's clothes and now she is kind of in between sizes, so it is a little hard to find stuff. I found a couple great deals at The Children's Place and some decent deals at Old Navy. Chatty Cathy talked nonstop the entire 3 hours we shopped - it was a little insane for me!

Our exciting news of the weekend is my good friend A (I mentioned her engagement a few posts ago) sent Chatty Cathy the cutest flower girl cookie and a note asking her to be a flower girl in her wedding in January. She was pretty excited and then got nervous when I told her she had to walk down the aisle. I pulled down our wedding album and showed her our flower girl K (good family friend who will be a sophomore in college this coming year) and told her all about it. She asked if the ring bearer would be her age, I think she is already scoping out a new love interest! She is too funny! I am excited and nervous to see how she will do. A will be in town in 3 weeks and we are going to try on flower girl dresses ... fun stuff! My BFF (aka Aunt B) said she would keep Bia while we are in Tampa for the wedding. She is the best! I think Chatty Cathy is excited to take a trip without her little sister.

Our future flower girl and her cookie

See the temperature on my car ... 110 - it was a hot one!

Bia enjoying a pizzookie (pizza cookie) with her Aunt B

4 of the 5 kids at dinner last night - Chatty Cathy, LOB, Bia and DJB


BMB-The Mom said...

Yeah, 110 degrees, that explains why face looks so greasy! Yuck! Thanks for a fun night out-we had a great time too!

starnes family said...

Yay for the flower girl! How sweet.....such a special memory to be made. She'll be so proud.

Deelsu said...

what a cute idea for a flower girl! I'm not having any kiddos in my wedding though..