Friday, August 28, 2009

The Problem With Being too Organized

In an effort to clean up my "family blog", I managed to delete all of my old posts! I went to look at it today and noticed there was only one entry prior to the one I entered today and couldn't figure it out. So I looked and looked and looked and then I thought and thought and thought and it came to me. Last weekend I was cleaning up the "drafts" I had written and deleting them if they had already been published, well apparently I deleted them in the "all posts published" screen versus the "draft" screen. I went on blogger help to try and recover them. I followed the suggestions they gave but it still didn't work. That will teach me to clean up stuff! I do have a love hate relationship with "delete". It has gotten me into trouble many times (yes I am a purger by nature, I get it from my mom)! I thought I would at least repost some of the pictures I had on the older posts, but when I went to get them (mind you I am at work and not at my home computer where all my photos are saved) from costco (since I upload all photos there to print) and their website is down. Oh well ... we'll just pretend it is the beginning of that blog. I don't know if most of family reading it would understand the old ones were missing had I not posted about it!

Have a good weekend ... it's going to be a hot one here - 109 today - thanks goodness Mr. ESPN got the pool fixed because that's where we will be most of the weekend ... all three brown eyed girls are scheduled for haircuts tomorrow afternoon so that should be interesting. If everyone behaves we are going to stop at our favorite pizza joint - Oreganos - for an early dinner on the way home!


Deelsu said...

how's the behavior coming??

The Lenzers said...

Oh hell, the fam won't even notice. I wish I could be of help, but that might be the blind leading the blind. Try and stay cool this weekend.