Monday, August 17, 2009

K is for Kindergarten

A is for Art class
B is for Books
C is for Core Curriculum our school uses
D is for Dr. Bales our principal
E is for Energetic as in Chatty's teacher
F is for Full Day Kindergarten
G is for Games with an educational focus
H is for Homework, for the parents that is (forms, etc.)
I is for I will do my best every day (Miss Johnson's motto)
J is for Jumping Jacks in PE class
K is for Kindergarten
L is for Listening ears
M is for Miss Johnson our fabulous teacher
N is for No more naps in Kindergarten
O is for Organization, this teacher gets an A+ in my book!
P is for Pictures, lots of them taken today
Q is for Quiet, hard to come by with 25 Kindergartners
T is for Teachers, what a difficult job! We admire them immensely
U is for Upload in the wrong order - my pictures below
V is for Volunteers in the classroom (I am looking forward to this experience)
W is for Wildfire our school!
X is for eXpectations, do what is eXpected and do it the best you can (another Miss Johnson motto)
Y is for Yellow skirt Chatty Cathy picked out to wear her first day
Z is for Zoo field trip later this year
(Note-I copied a couple of these off of the ABC's of Kindergarten Miss Johnson sent home today)
Family Photo at school
A refreshment after recess

Waiting in line for the bell to ring

Standing in her classroom

Chatty Cathy & Mommy

Chatty Cathy & Daddy
Our Big Kindergartner!


The Lenzers said...

I can't believe she is all grown up!!! Blink and she will be driving to college....hang in there mom. Are you sad??

starnes family said...

OH, so precious. What a great day! Kindergarten is such will enjoy it, too!

Deelsu said...

What a big day! How fun! How did she do? I'm sure fine but I hear stories about some kids that are devastated!