Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Background Check and Fingerprints

That's what I did last night. Sounds intriguing huh? Well not really, it just goes to show you how crazy society is today. I volunteered to co-teach Chatty's Sunday school class this year. In order to teach you have to meet certain requirements included but not limited to fingerprints and background questionnaire. I didn't realize all of the information I had to provide. Then we had a discussion about how we can't be alone with a single child, there needs to at least be two, etc. because of liability issues. It wasn't that way when we were kids ... scary huh? As a parent I am so happy that our church is so proactive when it comes to the child's safety. Some of the personal information included on the questionnaire were how long I have been a member (I couldn't remember and put 13 or 14 years - Mr. ESPN informed me when I got home it was actually 12) and a statement of faith. I am a very wordy person but was having a hard time with this. Not that I have a hard time believing it, I do, but actually putting it into practice everyday is difficult for me. I am hoping by teaching Sunday school it will help me become a better Christian and an example to my children and in turn a better parent.

OK ladies - I need some parenting help ....
Parenting Question 101 :What do you do when you have a. taken all of the toys out of your child's room, b. grounded them from all movies, games and said toys, c. taken away all blankies and lovies to sleep with and they still continue to misbehave, act disrespectful, rude and even laugh when they do something wrong? Note - I have tried spanking, timeouts, etc. Nothing seems to work.

Parenting Questions 102: Is it wrong to take away the one thing your child loves (i.e. blankies and lovies) if she refuses to eat even one bite of meat or vegetables? Just one bite, not an entire serving? Yes I know about sneaking stuff into foods, but I want to teach her to at least try one bite, that she can't live on hot dogs, bologna and ham as her meet source in life.

Edit from last post - Wedding is January 2, 2010; no we did not coordinate tops with A, it just happened that they all wore pink that day!


Deelsu said...

WOW! she has a tighter timeline than I do for wedding planning!
no advice to give on parenting :(

starnes family said...

All 3 of my kids misbehave....they all do...and I have 1 picky eater. So, I have been there!

We take away privileges and use groundings, etc.....and I, too, feel at times that nothing works. Very frustrating.

Behavior chart? That has helped Carter get back on track over the years. Shows them some success and they can look back at previous days to see they're capable on a particularly tough day.

As far as eating goes, we don't insist our kids try everything. I have had to tailor meals around Jack - something I said I would never do - but have to in order for him to eat. But, once food is on the table, if they choose not to eat, they're fine...but no other options. As my doctor always says, "Kids will eat when they're hungry." Works for us!

The Lenzers said...

WOW! I can't believe about the fingerprints and background checks at church. I mean it's good, but so freaking scary!!

As far as parenting...who knows. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I do often make Connor just a bowl of oatmeal right now so that he will eat b/c I feel guilty. But mostly I am like Casey. I make dinner. If they don't eat...fine. I usually put the plate in the microwave. If Connor gets hungry later, the plate comes back out....nothing else.

I have tried all the punishments too. Sometimes nothing works-seriously. You just have to stick to what ever you start. I think that gets the point across. And so much of it is not them being bad, but testing boundaries.

Missing you...heard Aunt M got a perm today. Granny told me.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Tony and I deal with this issue. Both girls are insanely picky eaters. Sophia will eat any bread or cheese or carb. Lainy will eat raw veggies and any meat.
We do make them try one bite of the dinner we have, but only then can they have dessert. This always works-positive reinforcement has seemed to work better. At least, less tantrums and more eating.
The best trick that works like magic? Get them in the kitchen. When they help make something (even washing veggies or sprinkling cheese on pizza), they almost ALWAYS eat it for dinner. Good luck :)