Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Parenting Advice

Thanks to all my mom (and non-mom) blogger friends who commented either on the post or e-mailed me about it. I really appreciate it. This is my plan:
  • Behavioral Issues - mostly revolve around Chatty, although Bia has her fair share of tantrums too. Bought a new behavior chart (we used one last year with limited success). I plan to put more specific items on the list this time (i.e. showing respect to others, not hitting/pushing others (namely sister), not talking back to Mom/Dad, eating dinner). Last time it was an all or nothing thing. I think by doing specific items we can what things she achieved and which ones she didn't. She will get a star magnet for each thing she achieves during the day. I am going to do this for both girls but may have to tailor the items to each girl. I will post it in a prominent place in the house so we can all see it (I am thinking on the pantry door). Once she receives a pre-determined number of stars, they will receive a reward.
  • Eating Issues - I have done the tailor made meals to each kid and spouse and that is hard. I really try to make an effort to cook something everyone likes. Part of my reason for no custom orders is because if I do it for Bia then I have to for Chatty. I think we will continue to reinforce the rule that she try 1 to 2 bites in order to get dessert or other things she desires (since dessert doesn't top her list these days). I am hoping the star on the chart for "Eating Dinner" will be a big motivator for her as she loves to copy her big sister.

So we will see how this goes and what Mr. ESPN says. I think he is open to anything at this point.

Is it bad that when I ran to Target to get the behavior chart I purposely walked across the entire store to buy a (big) bag of Skittles, opened them in the car and have eaten a ton of them (and now have a sugar headache)?

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Deelsu said...

You GEAUX girl! Can't wait to hear the progress! I hope I can use all your tips when I have kiddos one day! Right now - I just work with the dog for practice! hahah!