Monday, October 12, 2009

Did you Know?

Since my teams lost this weekend and I don't want to talk about football (I am getting close to calling for a quick end to the season and a new start next year), I thought I would play a little game called did you know ... Did you know I was a professor at the University of Manitoba and I teach about pop culture (who would have ever thought)? I also live in Portland, OR and have a daughter who is a high school senior ... I bet you never did. I am sly like that. One other thing, did you know that Chatty has her own blog and she goes by her real name and that she has a kid - oh crap - that makes me on young granny! I was playing with google this morning and googled my name to see what I could come up with (Results - professor and mother of high school senior). Then I tried googling my maiden name (which happens to be Chatty's first name) and found this blog. Craziness I tell you!
So I still don't have my computer back, but I did get a call from the tech last Friday and he said he didn't think he could save anything from my hard drive! Lovely ... other than that our weekend was good. Mr. ESPN requested to spend as much time at home on Saturday to watch football and golf and baseball. I happily obliged but I made sure to go to the gym, Target, Old Navy, etc. for several hours while he was home with the girls. Hey he never said he wanted to watch alone. Too bad for him Chatty was non-compliant (to put it mildly) most of the day!
This picture is blurry but I love her smile in it!

Not wanting to share her toy ... this face is way too frequent!

A little dress up action with the neighbor's stuff

Run baby run .. Flying JR's Kite (JR's dad helping out)

I can't tell if she is "raising the roof" or getting ready to give someone a high five!
She's showing the love for her Daddy's team ... GO PHILLIES! Chatty loves the Phillies just like her dad. I wished I would have thought about it earlier and I could have had grandma get her a Phillies jersey and she could have gone as a player ... but grandma and grandpa leave for Italy on Wednesday so that won't work ... I tried to get them to take me with them on their trip but looks like I will be staying in the desert with Mr. ESPN and the girls!


Deelsu said...

Gotta love kiddos getting an early start on supporting their teams!

starnes family said...

Darling girls and such good stuff to learn about you! Wow. You are busy!

Sassafrass Jane said...

You got me! I was like, "wow, no I didn't know!"


Love Bia's sass face.

Thanks for the nice compliment. :)

KingstonsQueen said...

Wow, Chatty looks different everytime I see a new pic. And Bia's face in her supa-fast photo is too cute! Too bad I'm the only one with my name, or i'd play your game too. Maybe after I get married... Can't wait to see you guys Friday!