Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Fearless Leader

Last week I had a day off and volunteered in Chatty's classroom. Since I wasn't going to work Chatty was able to ride the bus to school. She was super excited (as was Bia who packed a backpack with her blankies, puppy and monkey to take sissy to the bus stop). So we get to the bus stop and Chatty patiently waits for JR (neighbor across the street) to get there. He gets there and shortly afterwards the bus pulls up. All the kids get in line to get on and the following happens:

The afternoon bus (the only one Chatty had ridden up until last week) is #122, but apparently the morning one is #119. I didn't even look at the numbers, knowing all my neighbors kids who ride the bus everyday (including JR) were getting on and going to the same school as Chatty. A frantic Chatty yells, "JR this isn't our bus, our bus is #119, this is #122, we can't get on" and pulls JR away from the bus. JR looks a little bewildered but says "OK" and follows Chatty's lead. I calmly assured Chatty this was the correct bus and told her and JR to get on. As I am leaving the bus stop I am relaying the story to my neighbor and she says "Oh she will make a great wife - already giving directions and telling the boys what to do." Then another neighbor (a husband) says "Yep and like a good husband JR followed right along!"

Then when I get to school Chatty's (fabulous) Kindergarten teacher tells me how much she enjoys having Chatty in her class and what a natural leader she is. I was thinking to myself, if only you saw her in action at the bus stop this morning! Besides saying great things about my kid, her teacher has the patience of a saint. God bless her, she is amazing with those kids! We are very lucky to have her!


starnes family said...

What a cute story. And, I love how Bia packs so much stuff to tag along. Lainey is such a bag lady. Must be a girl thing.

Sassafrass Jane said...

This is so funny! Chatty already bossin the boys. Go girl!

Coco said...

She sounds like my kind of girl!!!!

I haven't been able to comment on your blog with my shit computer. So I'm back.