Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hotter than Heck Soccer

So Chatty had her first soccer game on Saturday. October and it was at least 100 degrees. It was insane. I was melting and the ants were biting my feet! Chatty almost scored a goal - she got the ball ... dribbled it down the field super fast .... and then decided to stop when the goalie came out so she wouldn't kick him! I told her she has to keep kicking until it is in the goal - who cares who gets in the way! Yes I am one of those moms that screams loudly! The next period she played she wanted to play goalie. She did OK but she is much better on offense because she is pretty tall and fast (or supa fast as she calls it). We had a discussion after the game about using out talents and playing the positions we are better suited for ... i.e. offense. You would think since Mr. ESPN is an assistant coach he could make sure she doesn't play goalie but obviously he doesn't always listen to me!

So both girls are back at school today. I think they were fine yesterday but I wanted to make sure they were both fever free for 24 hours. I don't know how all you stay at home moms do it - they drove me absolutely NUTS yesterday! It didn't help that my computer was having issues yet again ... piece of junk ... I even told the help desk I was ready to throw it into the wall - so I couldn't get any work done. So instead I re-organized my linen closet.

I'll be goalie!

And this is what Bia did while Chatty was playing soccer:

Chillin on Poppa's lap

OK - if you insist, I will smile!

I'm the goalie Mom!

Waiting for the ball
I will post tomorrow about the Soccer Mom ruckus ....


starnes family said...

Supa fast. I love it.

AZCottrell said...

ooooh - Soccer Mom Rukus - I can't wait! Sounds juicy!

Coco said...

Oh I am a soccer mom screamer as well. Yet, I don't give a shit really. But I am yelling Bram's name at the top of my lungs.

Good Lord those brown eyes on Bia are just gorgeous.

Deelsu said...

Such cute pix Soccer mom! ;)