Thursday, October 8, 2009

So my computer is still broken ... our help desk is worthless. Apparently it wasn't the motherboard - although I have a new "refurbished" one, it is a software problem now. At the earliest I will get my laptop back at the end of the day but probably not until sometime tomorrow - if I am lucky! In the meantime I have been looking all over the Internet for costume ideas (yes I know great to do at work .. but in my defense it is my lunch hour and I do the best online shopping when I am at work). I thought a geisha girl would be cute for both of the girls. Mr. ESPN had bought Chatty a silk dress when he was in China a couple years ago (he also bought me a silk robe and I briefly-very briefly contemplated dressing up with them). I figured the dress would fit Bia - great one costume resolved until I figured out that I can't find the silk dress anywhere in my house and mind you, I am very OCD organized with labeled containers full of kids/baby clothes! What the heck?!? I still have Chatty's old Nemo costume but Bia is "Miss Independent" so I am not sure if she will wear it, but knowing her she wouldn't decide not to wear it until October 31! So with that in mind I have been looking for other costumes and ideas. I did find this cute Dalmatian costume online at Old Navy.

I need to run Old Navy and see if they have one in the store. They also had this cute monkey one too for half the price. Seeing as she has to sleep with Puppy and Monkey every night, I thought these might make her happy.
I need to see what they have in the store (good excuse to buy some more yoga pants/capris .... I heard they had some on sale from my blogging friends). I will show Bia these pictures tonight and see what she thinks. Still no ideas for Chatty ... she has been the following ... 50's girl (poodle skirt my mom made), Minnie Mouse (another costume idea I had for Bia but can't find this one either - what the heck is going on? I think it got donated), Nemo and Cinderella. She likes princesses but isn't huge into them, hence the reason I haven't thought about any of the other Disney princesses. Any time I suggest a costume idea she says "YES". Darn kid loves everything, well not really, she just likes to change her mind a lot - what can I say she is an indecisive girl!


starnes family said...

Cute options. I was just in there last night and failed to even look!

AZCottrell said...

Good ideas.

Ainsley has changed her mind already on Sleeping Beauty a hundred times. Luckily our neighbor stopped by the other night with an adorable old dance outfit of hers. So, she can either do the Princess or the Ballerina thing. Of course Shaun is still steadfast on his Darth Vadar. Maybe Chatty should be Princess Leia! ;-)
I stopped in the costume store at Desert Ridge the other day and they have a ton of things. Maybe bring the kids up there and see what sticks?

Sassafrass Jane said...

Aw man! I really wanted to see pics of you as a geisha with your girls. Damn. Too bad.

Cute puppy and monkey! I love little kids in snuggly costumes.

FROGGITY! said...

hee hee, those costumes are cute! i hope your computer gets off the crack pipe soon. that is the worst!!

i found out that my little girl's best buddy (a boy) is going as yoda for halloween, how hilarious is that? just thought i would share! haha