Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

  1. The ladies have spoken, Mr. ESPN shall remain - if Dennis doesn't like it he can start his own blog (yeah - like that will ever happen). Although I did laugh about Laurie's suggestion of "Sweet Love". That would only work if I blogged when I was drunk. Not sure that would work since I blog a lot from work.
  2. Bunco - had a nice time with the ladies last night but didn't win a darn thing ... last month I won the prize and my cash back. Oh well still a good excuse to hang with the neighborhood ladies. Plus my neighbor brought me her daughter's Little Red Riding Hood costume for Chatty to use. Gotta love hand me downs!
  3. At soccer practice one of the dad's told me that he went to school to have lunch with his son. His son is in another Kindergarten class (who happens to have the same lunch period as Chatty's class). Chatty walked all the way over to this boy's table to say hi to his dad and remind him they play soccer together. Can you tell she is super social and loves all the kids dads?
  4. My sweet friend the Kingston Queen is getting married tomorrow and will officially become the Queen. She is such a sweet person and great friend. It's weird to think I hired her out of college 6 or so years ago (I think it has been that long). Chatty is going to the wedding with us so she can see what it is like in preparation for her Flower Girl duties in January, plus she loves a good party and dancing! I will post some pic this weekend or early next week.
  5. First soccer game of the new season on Saturday ... Chatty is very excited to be playing again ... Nana and Poppa will be there for all the action. May have some stories about the new Soccer Team Mom who is causing quite the rucus ...


Deelsu said...

Super Social indeed! Just think about when she hits Jr. High and then High School!? She's going to be one texting machine!

starnes family said...

Lots of pictures to look for! Soccer and wedding! Excited.

Love the new layout. Isn't it fun? You did so well!

Sassafrass Jane said...

First of all, LOVING the new header. Good work!
I can't believe sweet Chatty! What a funny girl.
And yay for weddings! And soccer mom ruckus!