Sunday, October 4, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday!

It has been an interesting day ... got up and everything was going like normal Mondays do well except for the fact that I actually liked the way my hair turned out and thought my outfit looked pretty cute (both of those things don't usually happen on the same day and especially not on a Monday) ... I was just about to put my stuff in the car to take Chatty to school and she proceeds to throw up on her back pack (Bia stayed home from school on Friday because she threw up twice but then was perfectly fine by the afternoon and played all weekend without any issues). Nice! It wasn't a lot and I kind of questioned whether she was really sick or not (as she was begging to run around and play) ... but I didn't want to be THAT MOM again and send her to school. So I changed clothes, told Chatty to lay in her bed and read books and then e-mailed my boss to let him know I would be working from home. Then a few hours later as I am working on my laptop, I get the dreaded blue screen. Called my IT desk and lo and behold the motherboard crashed! Perfect timing, since it is quarter end close at work and the parts won't be here until tomorrow! What a lovely Monday! I guess it is payback for beautiful weather this weekend with lots of time playing outside with the neighbors! BTW - I guess Chatty really didn't feel good, she fell asleep in her room ... hopefully she will be back to her normal self tomorrow!

A couple pics from weekend ...

Soccer anyone?

She can be so mischievous!

Similar to her goggles, Chatty likes to keep her helmet on when playing outside. They would go from scooters to bikes to wagon and back again several times. Safety First!

Ready for batting practice

Mr. ESPN snapped these photos during her nap on Saturday!

Proof that my children sleep with tons of lovies.
In this pic - Puppy, Monkey, Pluto, Big Blankie and Little Blankie oh and Bia too!


BMB-The Mom said...

Hope CC is back to normal soon! So sorry your Monday was so bad! Here's to a better rest of the week to come!

Deelsu said...

I wish I was asleep right now with all those fluffies! jealous!
Not of the being sick though. Hopefully, it's not the flu?

AZCottrell said...

Yikes - rough day. I hope today is much much better!

The Lenzers said...

hope everyone is feeling better. don't you just love the sleeping babies!! always puts a smile on my face. i wonder if it is because they look so sweet or just because they are sleeping?